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Is the Remington Model 11 any good?

Is the Remington Model 11 any good?

“My old restored Model 11 is reliable and effective despite its age and questionable parentage.” The Remington Model 11 is an American-made version of the classic Browning Auto-5. Both of these guns typically age well because they were cut from big blocks of steel. The shotgun’s stock and forend are made of walnut.

How old is a Remington Model 11?

The Remington Model 11-48 is a semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms as the first of its “new generation” semi-automatics produced after World War II. Released as the replacement for the Remington Model 11, it was manufactured from 1949 to 1968 and was produced in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge and .

When did the Remington Model 11 come out?

The Remington Model 11-87 is a semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms and based on the earlier Model 1100. The Model 11-87 remains in contemporary production, 34 years after being introduced in 1987.

How much is a Remington gun worth?

Remington shotgun prices are unaffected, with prices holding steady and maybe even slightly declining. Model 1100 12- and 20-gauge shotguns in good condition still run about $500. Exceptions are those in new condition, with box and paperwork. Their prices have soared and are now around $1,300-$1,500.

Are Remington 1100 and 11 87 barrels interchangeable?

Although the Model 1100 and Model 1187 shotguns are very similar in design we do not recommend that the barrels be interchanged between models. The extractors and corresponding extractor cuts in the barrel extensions differ.

Who makes Remington guns now?

In Apr. 2021, the New York plant resumed production under new owners Roundhill Group, which bought it in 2020. Roundhill Group was one of seven buyers in Remington’s bankruptcy sale.

Will a Remington 1100 barrel fit an 1187?

Your 1100 fore end may not fit the 1187 barrel. The contours of the gas cylinders are different. Older 1100 fore ends usually wont fit the 1187 barrel. At some point in production Remington changed the inletting and most later 1100 and 1187 fore ends are interchangeable.

Will a Remington 1100 stock fit a 11-87?

Yes. All remington 12ga stocks, be it an 870, 1100 or 11-87 are interchangeable and will fit any standard 12ga framed receiver. They are the same product even though they have different stock numbers.

How many shells does a Remington model 11 hold?

Premium Member. The Remington Model 11 was chambered for 2 3/4″ shells only. Even if the 3″ shells were to fit in the barrel, they are too long to feed and eject properly. It was introduced in 1905 and discontinued in 1947.

What year was the Remington Sportsman 48 made?

The 3 shot Sportsman 48 was introduced in 1949. There were 52,529 made in 20 ga.

Is the Remington Model 11 a semi automatic?

Semi Auto ShotgunThis is for a nice older model Remington model 11 semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun serial #3775XX no letter. This is the Remington built on the John Browning patent design. It is [more like this] Slide Action (modified Model 12), 23 1/2″ Barrel, 3″ Chamber, Full Choke, Manufactured in 1934, s/n 8114, matching.

What was the serial number of the Remington Sportsman?

From then on the “Model 11” and “The Sportsman” were serial numbered together, continuing the Model 11 sequences. Combined 12-gauge “Model 11” and “The Sportsman” serial numbers reached 499,999 on August 1, 1943.

When did the Remington 12 gauge gun come out?

Remington Arms Co. introduced their 12-gauge, five-shot, John M. Browning designed, “Remington Autoloading Gun” in 1905. The company name was changed to Remington Arms – Union Metallic Cartridge Co. in 1911. Shortly after that Rem-UMC began calling that gun the Model No. 11.

What kind of BBL does a Remington Model 11 have?

Spectacular Remington dbl with 32″ “Ohonon” pattern Damascus bbls choked MOD/IMP-MOD with matted tapered concave rib, dbl [more like this] SHOTGUN. Cal. 16 ga. SN 110475. Wonderful rare Remington with 28″ steel ordnance bbls choked CYL/CYL with smooth, flat rib, sgl bead, third bite rib extension, ejectors & [more like this]