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How do you get a golden egg in Harvest Moon?

How do you get a golden egg in Harvest Moon?

Types of Eggs Chickens are able to produce one Egg each day. A Chicken that has won the Chicken Festival competition will produce Golden eggs.

How do you get p egg in Harvest Moon FOMT?

You must win the Chicken Festival and have your chicken at 8-10 hearts before your chicken may lay these. Additionally, your chicken must have spent 600 hours outside. A chicken laying P Egg’s may randomly lay these rare eggs at some point in their life.

How do you get golden eggs in story of seasons?

A Chicken that has been in the Safari for a total of 100 in-game hours or more will always produce Golden Eggs. In addition, Chickens with the Level-Headed personality have a chance of producing Golden Eggs if their affection is high.

How do you get furniture in Harvest Moon FOMT?

To buy the piece of furniture you have to call in from the Doug’s Inn in town. On the counter there is a phone that cost 10G to use and on the same day you see the item you want to buy call in and request it. Zack will come and deliver it to you within two to three days.

How do you milk a cow in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

They are not able to produce milk. Calfs can only be obtained by impregnating an adult cow with a miracle potion. After a calf is born, it will take a full 14 days for a calf to grow into an immature cow.

Where can I buy chicken harvest moon?

the Poultry Farm
Chickens are the most inexpensive animal that can be purchased in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town. They can be purchased from Lillia at the Poultry Farm for 1,500G.

How do you get the golden lumber SOS FOMT?

There are three ways to obtain these valuable-looking pieces of lumber. Mayor Thomas will come by your farm on the 2nd of Winter and ask you for a piece of White Grass or some other hard to get item. If you get the item he requests by 7PM on the day he asked you, he will reward you with a piece of Golden Lumber.

How do you get kitchen in Harvest Moon FOMT?

Purchase. You can buy the kitchen from the TV Shopping Network. Zack will deliver the kitchen to your house in a few days after its ordered.

How do I upgrade my house FOMT?

Expansions. You can expand your house twice if you speak to Gotz , the local lumberjack and carpenter.

How do you get a Cow pregnant in Harvest Moon?

Healthy adult Cows can be impregnated using a Cow miracle potion, which can be purchased from Yodel Ranch for 3,000g. When a Cow becomes pregnant, she will no longer produce milk, and is not eligible to compete in the Cow Festival, until after the birth of her calf.

How do you get a sheep pregnant in Harvest Moon?

Pregnant Sheep Healthy adult sheep can be impregnated using a sheep miracle potion that can be purchased from Yodel Ranch. The sheep that you’d like to impregnate must have its wool. After the adult sheep has been impregnated, a lamb will be born in 20 days time.

Do you have to feed chickens Harvest Moon?

Chicks do not need to be fed and are unable to produce Eggs. A chick’s affection can not be raised in any way. It takes 9 full days for a chick to grow into a Chicken.

Where do you feed chickens in Harvest Moon?

Chickens are to be fed daily. You can get Chicken feed from the poultry farm at a price of 10 g per feed. Alternatively, you could also put Corns which could be planted during the summer, through the grain mills. Each Corn will produce 30 chicken feeds.

How to save data in Harvest Moon Cursed Tool guide?

MAKE SURE YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR MYSTRILE HOE AND YOUR MYSTRILE HAMMER WITH YOU UPON ENTERING THE MINE (nothing bad will happen if you have other tools, it is just not advised). 2.) Save your data on File 1 soon as you enter the LAKE Mine (the only time that you can access it is in the winter).

Which is the cheapest livestock in Harvest Moon?