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Which is the correct plural possessive form?

Which is the correct plural possessive form?

Most English plurals end in “s.” If that’s the case, to make the plural noun possessive, simply add an apostrophe after the “s.” Going back to the cats’ beds, the singular noun is cat and its plural form is cats. The plural possessive form is cats’.

Does clubs have an apostrophe?

(An apostrophe after clubs is wrong because no letters have been omitted and there is no possession.)

Does Boys Club have an apostrophe?

For instance, “a boys club” is clearly a club “for” boys, but isn’t it also a club “of” boys? So which is it: apostrophe or no apostrophe? For the national organization, it’s “Boys & Girls Clubs of America” — no apostrophes.

Where does the apostrophe go in plural possessive?


  1. In singular possessive terms, place the apostrophe before the “s.” This will indicate ownership by one person or thing.
  2. In plural possessive terms, place the apostrophe after the “s.” This will indicate to the reader that more than one person or thing owns the thing possessed.

What is the difference between plural and possessive?

Plural means more than one, which requires adding only an “s” at the end of most words. Example: snake becomes snakes (more than one snake). There is no apostrophe here. Possessive means ownership, which requires inserting an apostrophe before the “s.” Example: snake’s tongue.

Is Mother’s Day plural possessive?

As for common usage, “Mother’s Day” is the overwhelming favorite, according to our searches of online databases, though you’ll find many examples of the plural-possessive “Mothers’ Day” and the apostrophe-free “Mothers Day.”

What is the difference between dads and dad’s?

1 Answer. Both are grammatically correct but they have different meanings: Dad’s corner – a corner for a father. Dads’ corner – a corner for many fathers.

What is the possessive of boy?

Regular & Irregular Possessive Plural Forms

Regular Plurals
Singular Possessive Singular Plural
boy boy’s boys
kid kid’s kids
student student’s students

How do you make a boy possessive?

Well, the plural of “boy” is “boys”, and to make the possessive of a plural, we just put an apostrophe after the final “s”. So we would say, “the boys’ bicycles“.

Is it Jones or Jones’s?

All the English style guides insist that singular possessives are formed with -‘s and plurals with only -‘, so the possessive of Jones (singular) is Jones’s and the possessive of Joneses is Joneses’.

What is possessive noun give 5 examples sentence?

What is a possessive noun example?

Singular Noun Possessive Noun Example Sentence
Cat Cat’s Don’t touch the cat’s toy.
Brittany Brittany’s This is Brittany’s essay.
Computer Computer’s The computer’s hard drive is full.

Which is an example of a plural possessive noun?

Examples of this type of plural possessive noun include: Airplanes’ wings. Alarms’ ringing. Ankles’ bones. Appendices’ entries. Armchairs’ arms.

When do you add an apostrophe to a possessive noun?

The possessive of most singular nouns is formed by adding an apostrophe and an s. The possessive of plural nouns (except for a few irregular plurals, like children, that do not end in s) is formed by adding an apostrophe only. Chicago does provide a few exceptions to these principles.

Is the Bad Boys Club a singular noun?

The subject in question here seems to be The Bad Boys Club. Despite having the plural boys as part of its name, it is a singular club. The Bad Boys Club’s T-shirt. Here, it’s a single T-shirt that is owned by the club. The Bad Boys Club T-shirt. Here, it’s a type of T-shirt that represents The Bad Boys Club. (The club name acts adjectivally.)

When do you use a possessive in a sentence?

Although we can use of to show possession, it is more usual to use possessive ‘s. The following phrases have the same meaning, but #2 is more usual and natural: We very often use possessive ‘s with names: This is Mary’s car. Where is Ram’s telephone?