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Why is it important to keep our body safe and clean?

Why is it important to keep our body safe and clean?

Good personal hygiene is one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting gastro or infectious diseases such as COVID-19, colds and flu. Washing your hands with soap removes germs that can make you ill. Maintaining good personal hygiene will also help prevent you from spreading diseases to other people.

Why do we need to keep your body clean?

Keeping your body clean helps prevent illness and infection from bacteria or viruses. Like in our example, the simple act of washing your hands regularly is an effective way to keep germs from spreading.

What will happen if we do not keep ourselves clean?

The immediate consequences of not keeping yourself clean are body odor and bad breath. The long-term effects can be dental problems and other general diseases as well as gender-specific diseases.

What are 3 reasons personal hygiene is important?


  • Reason 1: Good hygiene saves lives.
  • Reason 2: Effective hand hygiene can reduce sick days and lost productivity.
  • Reason 3: Hand hygiene could be crucial in the fight against antibiotic resistance.
  • Reason 4: Great personal hygiene makes you a great role model.

What do we do to keep your body clean?

If you want to minimize your risk of infection and also enhance your overall health, follow these basic personal hygiene habits:

  1. Bathe regularly. Wash your body and your hair often.
  2. Trim your nails.
  3. Brush and floss.
  4. Wash your hands.
  5. Sleep tight.

What does poor hygiene cause?

Poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, which can also affect the heart. Not bathing can result in a skin condition called dermatitis neglecta and secondary infections. An obvious lack of hygiene can also affect a person’s work and social life.

What are the 7 personal hygiene?

These main categories are a useful place to start for building good hygiene habits:

  • Toilet hygiene. Wash your hands after you use the restroom.
  • Shower hygiene.
  • Nail hygiene.
  • Teeth hygiene.
  • Sickness hygiene.
  • Hands hygiene.

What diseases are caused by poor hygiene?

Hygiene-related Diseases

  • Athlete’s Foot (tinea pedis)
  • Body Lice.
  • Chronic Diarrhea.
  • Dental Caries (Tooth Decay)
  • Head Lice.
  • Hot Tub Rash (Pseudomonas Dermatitis/Folliculitis)
  • Lymphatic Filariasis.
  • Pinworms.

What will happen if we do not keep your body clean?

What are signs of poor hygiene?

Here are some signs that are indicative of poor hygiene in yourself or someone else:

  • body odor from not showering regularly.
  • unwashed or disheveled hair.
  • bad breath, food between teeth, or signs of tooth decay and gingivitis.
  • wearing soiled clothing.
  • dirty and untrimmed fingernails and toenails.

What are the disadvantages of poor hygiene?

Poor oral hygiene leads to other problems like tooth decay and bleeding gums….Bad Breath and Other Oral Health Concerns

  • Irregular brushing of your teeth.
  • Not flossing every time you brush your teeth.
  • Neglecting to clean your tongue when brushing your teeth.
  • Drinking too many acidic drinks too often.
  • Excessive smoking.

What mental illness causes poor hygiene?

Poor hygiene often accompanies certain mental or emotional disorders, including severe depression and psychotic disorders. Dementia is another common cause of poor hygiene.

Why is it important to keep your hands clean?

Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Many and conditions are spread by not washing hands with soap and clean, running water. If clean, running water is not accessible, as is common in many parts of the world,…

Why is it important to have good hygiene habits?

It’s very important to keep your teeth clean. If you don’t brush your teeth twice a day you might end up with rotten teeth, gum disease and bad breath. 5. Wash Your Hands You should wash your hands with soap and warm water before eating or touching food and after handling pets or going to the toilet as it will kill germs that could make you ill.

Why is it important to keep your home clean?

Keeping your living space clean and organised ensures it is safe and non-hazardous. You’ll keep dust and other allergens out of your home. Regular cleaning keeps your home free of dust and makes it a much better environment overall for your family, particularly anyone with allergies. Make Cleaning Easier (& Quicker!)

What’s the best way to wash your body?

You should use a mild soap or shower gel and warm water to wash your body all over to get rid of any bacteria and dirt. If you sweat a lot or play a lot of sport you may want to wear a scented deodorant which you spray or roll on your under arms in the morning to kill bacteria.