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Who won the 1st Olympic silver medal for Trinidad and Tobago?

Who won the 1st Olympic silver medal for Trinidad and Tobago?

Wendell Mottley
In 1946, Sir Lennox O’Reilly organized the nation’s first Olympic committee. Trinidad and Tobago have participated in sixteen Summer Olympiads and three Winter Olympics (as well as two Summer Paralympics)….List of medalists.

Medal Silver
Name Wendell Mottley
Games 1964 Tokyo
Sport Athletics
Event Men’s 400 metres

Who was the first Trinidadian to win an Olympic medal?

Crawford won a 100 m silver at the 1975 Pan American Games and, as an Eastern Michigan University student, won the 1975 NCAA 100 m title. At the Olympics, Crawford narrowly won the 100 metre final in a time of 10.06, just 0.02 in front of Don Quarrie of Jamaica, winning Trinidad and Tobago’s first Olympic gold medal.

Which Caribbean country has won the most Olympic medals?

Cuba has won 233 Olympic medals, the most of any Caribbean nation. These medals have been won in 15 different sports, but most are in Boxing, Athletics, Wrestling, Judo, and Fencing. Jamaica has won 88 Olympic medals, the second most of any Caribbean country.

When did Trinidad and Tobago win a medal in the Olympics?

Rodney Wilkes won the first medal for Trinidad and Tobago lifting 317.5 kilograms in three lifts. The Games of the XV Olympiad were held in 1952 in Helsinki, Finland.

Who was an athlete for Trinidad and Tobago?

Two athletes and one official represented this discipline. Both athletes won medals for Trinidad & Tobago. Rodney Wilkes lift 322.5 kilograms and Lennox Kilgour lift 402.5 kilograms. The Games of the XVI Olympiad were held in 1956 in Melbourne, Australia.

Who was the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic chef de mission?

This was the second time Trinidad & Tobago was represented in the Olympics. The Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee sent four athletes and officials to represent the nation in one discipline. Errol Knowles was the Chef de Mission. Two athletes and one official represented this discipline. Rodney Wilkes – Featherweight.