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Who is the publisher of The Treasure of Lemon Brown?

Who is the publisher of The Treasure of Lemon Brown?

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What was the real treasure of lemon brown?

Lemon Brown’s treasure was a harmonica and newspaper clippings of the Blues shows that Lemon Brown had played in. They were significant because when his son Jesse was in the war, Jesse carried the harmonica and newspaper clippings with him as mementos of his father.

What year was the treasure of lemon brown written?

This story was published in 1983, after Myers had his son, so we may assume that he was drawing from his experience of a father who struggled in his own childhood, and is now able to provide for his son.

Who made lemon brown?

Walter Dean Myers
‘The Treasure of Lemon Brown’ is a novel written by Walter Dean Myers. He was an African-American author who was born in 1937. In this story, a boy named Greg Ridley meets the former blues singer, Lemon Brown, in an old, abandoned house and learns a valuable lesson about life and its treasures.

How did lemon brown scare off the intruders?

How does Lemon Brown scare off the intruders? He hurled his body down the stairs where the men were at. What was Lemon Brown´s treasure? Old newspaper clippings about when he was a blues singer and harmonica player and an old harmonica.

Why does lemon brown give the treasure to his son?

What does Lemon Brown give to his son? Why? He gave Jesse his treasure . He gave that to his son because he didn’t have anything to give him at the time he was going away to fight for the war .

Why does lemon Brown tell Greg if you know your Pappy?

Why does lemon Brown tells Greg If you know your Pappy? He means that everyone has something of personal value, even if it appears worthless to others. Q4.

What happened to lemon brown son?

What happens to Lemon Brown’s son? Jesse died in war. hy does Lemon feel proud and happy? When he found out his son carried and treasured things he gave him.

What is the summary of Treasure of Lemon Brown?

“The Treasure of Lemon Brown” by Walter Dean Myers is a story about Greg Ridley, who starts off having a bad day. Doing poorly at school, he is positive his dad is going to tell him he can’t play basketball for the team with whom he’s been dreaming of playing.

Why does lemon Brown decide to show his treasure to Greg?

Lemon Brown shows Greg the newspaper clippings and harmonica that he treasured because Jesse, his son, carried them with him when he fought in the war. It meant a lot to Lemon Brown that his son kept the harmonica and the clippings as a reminder of his father.

Who was Greg trying to avoid by walking down the street in the rain?

Lemon Brown Quiz

Question Answer
who was Greg avoiding by walking down the street in the rain his dad
what weapon did Lemon Brown threaten to use on Greg a razor
what was Greg’s dad’s job a postal worker
where did lemon brown hide his treasure tied to his leg

What conflict does lemon Brown and Greg?

What conflict do Greg and Lemon Brown share? They have to face a group of thugs. Think back to when the thugs were looking for Lemon Brown. Greg decided to howl and Lemon Brown flung himself down the stairs.