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Who are the main characters in the bully by Paul Langan?

Who are the main characters in the bully by Paul Langan?

Lesson Summary. The Bully by Paul Langan tells about Darrell Mercer’s experience with a bully at school. The book Hatchet, which Darrell’s English teacher, Mr. Mitchell, suggests Darrell read inspires him. Darrell stands up to those people who are mean to him and others, like Tyrary Hobbs .

Who is the bully in Bluford High by Paul Langan?

One day Darrel’s mom decided to move to California. Darrel was upset because he was not only leaving behind his friends, he was leaving behind his protection. he had to go to a new school and make new friends and was a little worried about it. When he got to Bluford high. he met Tyray… the school bully.

How old is the bully by Paul Lagan?

The Bully by Paul Lagan is a excellent book that feels so sad about yourself that you think that they are better than you but they are not. The story is about a boy that lives with his uncle and going to new school. Running away from people that he would not get himself bullied. Darrell Mercer is a thirteen years old boy.

Who is the bully in the book The Bully?

As time passed on Tyray was pushing Darrel around everyday, taking his money, and embarrassed him and made him cry.Darrell got sick of it and had to do something about it. Darrell worked out everyday and ate lots. He even joined the wrestling team. As it ended, Darrel finally stood up to the bully.

The 190 page book called “The Bully” is written by Paul Langan. In the story the main charater is Darrell,he is sad/mad because him and is mother is moving from Philadelphia to Califorina. He says that life would not be the same anymore beacuse, he is moving away from his firends, school and neighborhood.

What is the plot summary in the gun by Paul Langan?

The story The Gun by Paul Langan is about a bully that ends up getting bullied and loses his bully reputation. His is name is Tyray Hobbs. After he got picked on and bullied by Darrel Mercer. Darrel was the only person to stand up to Tyray. Tyray wanted to get his revenge on Darrel. He wants to buy a gun from this guy that his brother knows.

Who are the characters in the bully?

Main characters. Harry Smith, the bully. James Smith, the nice guy. Grace Smith, the bully’s mother. Liam Smith , the bully’s father. David Marshall, the bully’s best friend. Mae MacDonald, the mean girl. Catriona McMillan, the strict teacher.

What is the bully book?

THE BULLY BOOK is a middle school mystery novel in more ways than one. The main storyline is told through Eric’s journal entries and follows him as he tries to figure out where the Bully Book is and who originally wrote it. But his journal entries alternate with chapters from the Bully Book itself for reasons…