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What word means massive large scale?

What word means massive large scale?

huge, large, sizable, substantial, massive, extensive, ample, awash, brimming, bulky, bull, burly, capacious, chock-full, colossal, commodious, considerable, copious, crowded, enormous.

What is massive scale?

1 (of objects) large in mass; bulky, heavy, and usually solid. 2 impressive or imposing in quality, degree, or scope.

What is a big scale called?

synonyms for large-scale extensive. huge. large. massive. sizable.

How do you say large scale?


  1. abundantly.
  2. by much.
  3. conspicuously.
  4. eminently.
  5. emphatically.
  6. enormously.
  7. exceedingly.
  8. exceptionally.

What is another word for a large scale ecosystem?

The distribution of large-scale ecosystems (biomes ) is determined by climate.

Why is it called a large scale?

Large scale, medium scale, small scale In other words, they show large areas of land on a small space. Large-scale maps show smaller areas in more detail, such as county maps or town plans might. Such maps are called large scale because the representative fraction is relatively large.

What shows a small area on a large scale?

A map shows a small area on a large scale.

How do you use a large scale?

(1) They entertain on a large scale . (2) They are preparing for war on a large scale. (3) Any public demonstrations on a large scale without the permission of the city authorities is antisocial. (4) Forest survival is thus threatened on a large scale.

Are there any other words for large scale?

other words for large-scale. MOST RELEVANT. extensive. huge. large. massive. sizable. substantial. a whale of a.

Which is an antonym of the word scale?

Synonyms and Antonyms of scale. 1. a scheme of rank or order. a student who scored very highly on a standard intelligence scale.

Which is the correct scale for a map?

A map scale might be given in a drawing (a graphic scale), but it usually is given as a fraction or a ratio-1/10,000 or 1:10,000. These “representative fraction” scales mean that one unit of measurement on the map 1 inch or 1 centimeter represents 10,000 of the same units on the ground.

How does an app scale itself to the screen?

The app can only scale itself on a low-resolution screen. When an application is opened, the app scales itself based on the display resolution of the primary screen. If there are additional screens (that have different resolutions) connected to the system, Windows stretches the display of the app to fit those screens.