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What was the major event of the year 1994?

What was the major event of the year 1994?

Historical Events for the Year 1994. 1st January » The Zapatista Army of National Liberation initiates twelve days of armed conflict in the Mexico known as Mexican Chiapas named State of Chiapas. 1st January » The North American Free Trade Agreement comes into effect.

What are the movies that came out in 1994?

February, 1994 1 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 2 My Girl 2 3 Blue Chips 4 8 Seconds. City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly… The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of… What Happened Was… Assault at West Point: The Court-Mart…

Who was the director of what happened was?

What Happened Was From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia What Happened Was… is a 1994 American independent film written for the screen, directed by and starring Tom Noonan. It is an adaptation of Noonan’s original stage play of the same name.

Where was the bombing of AMIA in 1994?

Impacts continue until July 22. 18th July » The 1994 AMIA bombing called bombing of the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (Argentine Jewish Community Center) in Buenos Aires kills 85 people (mostly Jewish) and injures 300.

What was the most popular news story in 1994?

Ninety-five million viewers watch O. J. Simpson and Al Cowlings drive along Los Angeles freeways in history’s most exciting low-speed chase. Steven Spielberg wins his first directing Oscar for Schindler’s List.

What was the biggest event in NBA history in 1994?

Jan 15 Dallas Mavericks drop a 104-87 decision to the San Antonio Spurs at Reunion Arena to set an unwanted NBA record with their 17th consecutive home defeat; break mark of 16 set by Orlando in 1990. Jan 16 Scott skates world record 1000m (1:12.54) Jan 17 6.6 Earthquake hits Los Angeles killing 60, $30B in damage.

What was the size of the Internet in 1994?

According to some estimates, there were just 10,000 websites and two million computers connected to the Internet — small potatoes compared to today ‘s 45 billion web pages and roughly four billion web users. In 1994, Amazon, Yahoo! and Mosaic Communications (later Netscape) were in the beginning stages.