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What was stolen from the drugstore in Monster?

What was stolen from the drugstore in Monster?

The prosecutor’s key witnesses are Wendell Bolden, an inmate, who testifies that he purchased cigarettes stolen in the drugstore heist. Finally, Steve takes the witness stand in his own defense.

What did James King bring to Dorothy Moore?

Dorothy Moore – James King’s cousin, she testifies that James had brought her a new lamp for Christmas at the time of the murder.

Why was Mrs Henry in the drugstore?

Retired school librarian Lorelle Henry comes to the stand. She was in the drugstore, looking for cough medicine, when the burglary went down. She saw one of the two burglars grab Mr. Nesbitt by the collar, at which point she thought it best to leave, so she did.

Why does King’s lawyer put George nipping on the stand?

George Nipping is a witness brought in by the defense of James King—the other defendant on the stand. George is supposed to provide testimony that will help the case of King. He is considered a good witness by Steve, at least compared to some of the other witnesses that James King brings to the trial.

Why is King guilty in Monster?

James King is man in his mid-20s, charged with the same felony murder as Steve over the death of Mr. Nesbitt. King is ultimately deemed guilty of felony murder for Mr. Nesbitt’s death.

Why did O’Brien not hug Steve?

Instead of accepting Steve’s hug, O’Brien stiffens and turns away from him. O’Brien knows that Steve is guilty, which is why she views with disgust and rejects his hug.

Why does Steve laugh when King gives him a threatening look monster?

Why does Steve laugh when king gives a threatening look? He thinks its funny how he thinks he can scare him. What was Osvaldo’s job in the robbery?

Why does Mrs Henry hesitate to testify against King?

Why does Mrs. Henry hesitate to testify against King? Mrs. Henry wasn’t sure he was the man she had seen.

Why does Lorelle Henry have a hard time testifying?

Ms. Henry is a retired school librarian who testifies that she was in the drugstore when Bobo and King entered and began fighting with Mr. Nesbitt. Henry struggled to identify King and reports that, as a black woman, she was initially hesitant to testify against a black man.

What three things does Steve say prisoners focus on while they are imprisoned?

The three things Steve states prisoners focus on in prison are sex, hurting people, and what they’re in for.

Why is Steve not guilty?

Reason 4. We know Steve Harmon is innocent because there’s no proof he was in the drugstore that day, he knew better then to mess up his future and to trust people he barely knew and finally that the guys on trial were using him so they could get a shorter sentence.

Why Steve is innocent?

During a robbery of a drug store, the owner was shot and killed, and Harmon is under suspicion. However, he is innocent because the state’s witnesses can’t be trusted, there was no proof he was there, and he never completed his supposed task. All of this proves that Steve Harmon is innocent.

Why did James King shoot the drugstore owner?

Following the altercation, King and Bobo had a meal together. Bobo explains that King did not originally intend to kill Nesbitt. Rather, he shot the drugstore owner in an altercation when Nesbitt tried to stop the robbery. Bobo tells the jury that he was busted after selling cigarettes to Holden.

What was Steve’s involvement after the crime in Monster?

Following the robbery and murder of Mr. Nesbitt, Steve did not contact Richard “Bobo” Evans or James King and never received a share of the profits from the robbery. He immediately distances himself from Osvaldo Cruz, James King, and Richard Evans following the crime.

Why was the case against James King so bad?

O’Brien tells Steve that the jurors are incredibly impressionable, and thus every image and every behavior is subject to intense scrutiny. In this way, Bobo’s prison suit is damaging to James King, as King is the suspect most closely connected to Bobo.

How is Bobo’s suit damaging to James King?

In this way, Bobo’s prison suit is damaging to James King, as King is the suspect most closely connected to Bobo. When Bobo explains that King did not intend to commit murder, the reader is prompted to consider the importance of intention when analyzing a crime.