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What substances are made up two or more kinds of atoms that are chemically combined?

What substances are made up two or more kinds of atoms that are chemically combined?

Elements can be chemically combined into compounds, therefore, a compound consists of two or more elements combined, in definite proportions, by chemical means. Compounds may be formed by combining atoms of their constituent elements by ionic bonds or by covalent bonds.

What is a combination of atoms that are chemically combined to form a substance?

When two or more elements combine to form a new substance, it is called a compound. There are many different types of compounds, because atoms of elements combine in many different ways to form different compounds. Examples include water (H2O) and table salt (NaCl). The smallest part of a compound is a molecule.

Are formed when two or more are combined?

Explanation: Compounds are substances formed when two or more elements are combined that are always present in fixed ratios. The elements are bonded together either through covalent or ionic bonding. Covalent bond is a kind of bonds where atoms in the compound are sharing their outermost electrons to achieve stability.

What is no charge called?

neutron: A subatomic particle forming part of the nucleus of an atom. It has no charge. It is equal in mass to a proton or it weighs 1 amu.

What parts of atom has no charge?

Our current model of the atom can be broken down into three constituents parts – protons, neutron, and electrons. Each of these parts has an associated charge, with protons carrying a positive charge, electrons having a negative charge, and neutrons possessing no net charge.

What is made when two or more elements have combined?

A compound contains two or more elements chemically joined together. A mixture contains two or more different substances that are not chemically joined together. The different substances in a mixture can be elements and/or compounds.

Which two types of matter are pure?

Elements and compounds are the two types of pure substances.