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What kind of colony did the Puritans build?

What kind of colony did the Puritans build?

The second wave of English Puritans established the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the New Haven Colony, and Rhode Island. These Puritans, unlike the Separatists, hoped to serve as a “city upon a hill” that would bring about the reform of Protestantism throughout the English Empire.

What colonies were mostly Puritans?

The New England colonists—with the exception of Rhode Island—were predominantly Puritans, who, by and large, led strict religious lives.

What kind of colony did the Puritans hope to create in North America?

The Puritans received a charter from the Massachusetts Bay Company to settle land in New England. John Winthrop led approximately 1,000 Puritans to America and established the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The colonists wanted to base the colony on the laws of God.

Were Puritans in the New England colonies?

The Puritans were Protestant reformers who originated in England. Later they spread to the American colonies of New England. Their goal was to “purify” religion and politics of corruption.

Who were the first Puritans in America?

Plymouth Colony, the first permanent Puritan settlement in America, was established in December 1620 on the western shore of Cape Cod Bay by the English Separatist Puritans known as the Pilgrims. They were few in number and without wealth or social standing.

What was the religion in the Massachusetts colony?

Religion in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The population of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was Puritan. The governorship was dominated by the same few colonists for decades who were strongly influenced by Puritan religious leaders.

Where did the Puritans settle?

Most of the Puritans who emigrated settled in the New England area. However, the Great Migration of Puritans was relatively short-lived and not as large as is often believed.