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What is wiseGEEK com?

What is wiseGEEK com?

WiseGEEK provides millions of readers with clear answers to common questions. It’s built for curious people of all ages, backgrounds, and areas of interest. 250,000+ articles.

How do you cite wiseGEEK?

Here’s one way of citing a wiseGEEK article in a bibliography: Author’s Last Name, First Name (if any). “Article Title” wiseGEEK. Date you accessed the page.

Is wiseGEEK reliable?

Wisegeek has a consumer rating of 3.5 stars from 2 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Wisegeek ranks 30th among Reference Other sites.

Is Wisegeek legit?

How do I cite an online database?

Online Database Citation Structure: Last, First M. “Article Title.” Publication Title, volume, number, issue (if provided), date published, page numbers (if applicable). Database Name, DOI or URL.

Is APA a database?

In 2011, APA added two new electronic products. APA PsycTests® is a research database that provides access to complete psychological tests, measures, scales, and other assessments as well as descriptive and administrative information for each instrument.

Do all library databases generate citations?

Most databases will produce citations for the articles that you find inside them. Sometimes you can generate a citation for each article as you find it. Every database works differently, so you will need to discover which method works best in the database you are using.

Is APA PsycINFO a good database?

For over 50 years, APA PsycInfo has been the most trusted index of psychological science in the world. With more than five million interdisciplinary bibliographic records, our database delivers targeted discovery across the full spectrum of behavioral and social sciences.

Is APA PsycINFO a database?

APA PsycInfo is an abstracts database that provides systematic coverage of the psychological literature from the 1800s to the present. (The database also includes records from the 1600s and 1700s.) You may have access to APA PsycInfo through your library or institution.

Is EBSCOhost a database?

EBSCOhost is a database that includes full-text articles and abstracts of articles in magazines, journals and newspapers.

How can I create an online database for free?

THere are a number of services that can function as a free online database, which include:

  1. grubba.
  2. – free online databaase creators.
  3. – free online database software.
  4. – simple online database.
  5. – simple online database.

Is APA PsycINFO free?

Search or browse all of APA’s full-text journal articles found in the APA PsycArticles database for free, and pay only $14.95 per article when you find an article you wish to view or print. Results lists include abstracts and citations to help you determine which articles you wish to purchase access to.

Who is the author of the book WiseGeek?

In addition to contributing articles to WiseGEEK about art, literature, and music, Mary Elizabeth is a teacher, composer, and author.

What did Michael from WiseGeek do before he became a writer?

Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ. Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a WiseGEEK researcher and writer.

What kind of topics do WiseGeek write about?

Nicole’s thirst for knowledge inspired her to become a WiseGEEK writer, and she focuses primarily on topics such as homeschooling, parenting, health, science, and business. When not writing or spending time with her four children, Nicole enjoys reading, camping, and going to the beach.

What kind of work does Malcolm do at WiseGeek?

Since then, he has contributed articles to a variety of print and online publications, including WiseGEEK, and his work has also appeared in poetry collections, devotional anthologies, and several newspapers. Malcolm’s other interests include collecting vinyl records, minor league baseball, and cycling.