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What is the rarest crazy bone?

What is the rarest crazy bone?

Gold Suti There was a promotion by C1000, where if you manage to find a Gold Suti, you win a limousine ride, and get over 2,000 packs of Gogo’s for your school. It is one of the rarest Crazy Bones, since there was only ever 425 of them made.

How much are Crazy Bones?

Also known as Go Go’s, Crazy Bones are bits of monochromatic plastic resembling board-game pieces. A package of four costs about $2 and includes rules for simple games.

How many Crazy Bones are in a pack?

Each pack includes 4 Crazy Bones, 4 stickers, and 1 Game card with a caption under a picture of the Crazy Bone.

How many different crazy bones are there?

Each of the 80 Gogo’s Crazy Bones are available in five different colours from four different palettes, along with 15 Wanted Gogo’s (US release only) and five Most Wanted Gogo’s, bringing the series to 100 different Gogo’s (or 420 counting all colours, the Wanted, and Most Wanted Gogo’s).

What year were Crazy Bones popular?

Crazy Bones enjoyed incredible popularity in the late 1990s. From 1998-2000, 31.5 million packages were sold.

Are Gogo figures worth anything?

They sell for about $. 50 to $1 each.

Do Gogos Crazy Bones still exist?

They’re no longer sold in shops possibly because the fad died out.

How do you play with Crazy Bones?

How To Play. Each player lines up five Crazy Bones about 6 inches apart. Throw the first Crazy Bone up in the air and while it is still in the air try to pick up a second Crazy Bone and catch the first one in the same hand before it falls. When the first player makes a mistake, it is the second player’s turn.

What are Pogs worth?

Pogs from the ’90s can go for under $1 each. While some Pogs can be worth a decent amount of money, individual Pogs can go for under $1 and even larger collections will sell for around $10.

Do they still make Gogo Crazy Bones?

When did they stop making Gogos?

They disbanded in 1985, four years after they released their debut, Beauty and the Beat, and less than a year after guitarist and songwriter Wiedlin quit the band over publishing concerns. They didn’t talk for another five years.

What were the big crazy bones called?

Gogo’s Crazy Bones (Stylized as gogo’s CRAZY BONES, also referred to as Crazy Bones or Gogo’s) are small, collectible figurines that became a popular fad during the late 1990s through the 2000s….Gogo’s Crazy Bones.

Also known as Gogo’s
Skills required Flicking, concentration

Where can I get Gogo’s Crazy Bones limited series?

The Gogo’s Crazy Bones Limited Series is an Urban Toys tin released in Asia by PPI Worldwide and Topps. it includes a selection of ten Series 1 Gogo’s, but are painted in a unique way. There was also a shiny gold variant released a short while after, not to be confused with the Gold Tins .

What does Mosh look like in GoGo’s Crazy Bones?

Mosh: His head is green while his body is red. Nasako: His mask is blue, his shirt is black and the symbol on his chest, as well as his boxing gloves, are yellow. Molly: Her head is yellow, while her body is purple, which also has a symbol on it looking like the skeleton of a fish.

Which is the most popular series of Crazy Bones?

This is one of the most popular series of the Gogo’s Crazy Bones series. The most bought Series in most countries. UK advert. Urban Toys is the South American and Asian version of Series 1 from 2007.

Who are the characters in Crazy Bones Pedia?

Awa-Shima fills in for Skull, while Ghost fills in for Pibi – Awa-Shima is now #7 while Ghost is #26; the remaining characters (#63-80) do not appear at all. The characters now have different, Megatrip-esque artwork.