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What is the meaning of line item?

What is the meaning of line item?

: an appropriation that is itemized on a separate line in a budget.

What is a line item example?

1. The definition of a line item is an item listed in a budget. An example of a line item is the cost of electricity in a budget. noun. A specific item, esp., an amount listed separately, in a budget, appropriation bill, etc.

What is a line item in a budget?

A line-item budget is one in which the individual financial statement items are grouped by category. It shows the comparison between the financial data for the past accounting or budgeting periods and estimated figures for the current or a future period.

What is a line item in an order?

Regular line items are simply goods or services you want to purchase from a vendor. Comment line items are useful for attaching additional information to a purchase order. For example, if an item cannot be backordered, you could create a comment line item stating “No Backorders.”

What is called appropriation?

Appropriation is when money is set aside money for a specific and particular purpose or purposes. A company might appropriate money for short-term or long-term needs that include employee salaries, research and development, and dividends.

What is a line item invoice?

An invoice line item is a single entry on an invoice. For example, an invoice for 10 red books at $1.00 each, and 20 blue books at $3.00 each, would be considered to have two invoice line items.

What is a line item on an invoice?

What is a line item table?

Definition. The line items for the business transactions that are transferred to or entered in the special purpose ledger are stored in the line item table.

What are the disadvantages of a line item budget?

Line item budgets are easy to prepare, understand and justify. The disadvantages to this type of budget are the lack of correlation between the budget itself, the objectives of the program and the outcome of the program.

What is the line item budget format?

Line-Item Budget Defined A line-item budget is a format for clearly presenting budgetary information for a specific period. On a line-item budget, proposed expenses are grouped into cost centers or expense categories. This shows the reader which cost centers will receive more or less funding than before.

What is a line item in an invoice?

The term “line item” refers to any service or product added to an invoice, along with any quantities, rates, and prices that pertain to them. On your ZipBooks account, these are called Items (for products you sell), and Tasks (for services you perform).

What is a line item in a database?

A Line Items table might have fields for product and invoice identification numbers, the name, unit price, quantity, and total price of each product sold. An Invoices table might have fields for an invoice identification number, order date, and salesperson.

What does “line item” mean?

Definition of line item. : an appropriation that is itemized on a separate line in a budget. —.

What is the plural of line item?

line item (plural line items) An item appearing on a single line in any schedule of information. (accounting) An item of revenue or expenditure in a budget or other financial statement or report. (government) A budget appropriation.

What is line item budget format?

A Line Item Budget Format is commonly known as the Traditional Budgeting Scheme. This highlights the past and the future budget plans of a company. The format shows simple and reliable data when comparing the company’s expenditures.