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What is Maganda Davao?

What is Maganda Davao?

Davao City is beautiful and in Tagalog the expression “Maganda” implies “beautiful.” The statement “maganda”can be utilized when talking in the vicinity of a beautiful day, individual or thing.

What is cute in Cebuano?

Cebuano Translation. nindot kaayo. More Cebuano words for so cute. mao nga cute. so cute.

What is Matahom?

(of females) visually attractive; beautiful; good-looking.

What is beautiful in Ilonggo?

Hiligaynon. Beautiful, nice, charming, pleasing, handsome, comely, fair, pretty, good-looking, goodly, lovely, attractive, prepossessing.

How do you say beautiful in Waray?

The third adjective, mahusay, also means beautiful or lovely and can be used in lieu of mabaysay. In fact, the two words are almost synonymous.

What dialect do they speak in Davao?

Davaoeño (Dabawenyo) is a language of the Davao Region of Mindanao in the Philippines. According to Zorc (1977), it is a native Mansakan language influenced by Cebuano and Tagalog….Davaoeño language.

Native to Philippines
Region Davao Region, Mindanao
Native speakers (150,000 cited 1990 census)

How do you say thank you in Davao?

Salamat! – Thank you! Daghang Salamat! – Thanks a lot!

What is himos English?

Hiligaynon. To get ready, prepare, see to, look after, make arrangements for, get in shape.

How do you greet in Bisaya?

Make a good first impression and learn how to politely greet and introduce yourself to a local with these basic Cebuano phrases:

  1. Maayong buntag!
  2. Maayong adlaw!
  3. Maayong hapon!
  4. Amping.
  5. Kumusta? – Hello, how are you?
  6. Maayo raman ko, ikaw?/Okay raman ko, ikaw? – I’m good.
  7. Unsa imong ngalan? – What is your name?

What is Humaling in English?

English translation: simbuyo = intense passion/desire/longing; humaling = (coarsely) “kagaguhan” or closest English: whim.

What padayon means?

Padayon is a word that comes from the Language called “Hiligaynon”. The word means “to continue”, however, this single word means so much more. When people are in a tough place in life, struggling, and facing tremendous pressures, often times you’ll here them chant a mantra – “Padayon”.