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What is a Rockwell axle?

What is a Rockwell axle?

If ever there were a perfect axle for the massive rigs found at Top Truck Challenge, it would probably be the Rockwell 2.5-ton. Well beyond that of a high-pinion Dana axle, the Rockwell features an input shaft that is mounted a full seven and a half inches above the center line of the axle housing.

Are Rockwell axles street legal?

Premium Member. full hydro is not illegal, if there is an automatic return to center. that means, if you let go of the wheel while it’s turned it will go back to the center position if the vehicle is moving.

How wide are Rockwell axles?

The front is 79 1/2″ wide and the rear is 69 1/2″ wide. The front can easily be flipped to make it 69 1/2″ wide also. Read this post and it will make your life easier.

How much does a two and a half Ton Rockwell axle weigh?

Weighing Your Options He says that a complete Dana 44 frontend (defined as one with steering components and disc brakes) weighs approximately 240 pounds, a complete Dana 60 frontend weighs approximately 505 pounds, and a complete 2 1/2-ton Rockwell front diff weighs approximately 640 pounds.

How do Portal axles work?

Portal axles (or portal gear lifts) are an off-road vehicle suspension and drive technology where the axle tube or the half-shaft is off-set from – usually above – the center of the wheel hub and where driving power is transferred to each wheel via a simple gearbox, built onto each hub.

How much does a Rockwell axle weight?

Rockwell 2.5-Ton Axles

Rockwell Axle Specifications
Differential Open Four-Spider Gear Design or Detroit Locker PN 225S-15
Front Axle Weight (With Brakes) 840 lbs.
Front Axle Weight (Without Brakes) 690 lbs.
Rear Axle Weight (With Brakes) 690 lbs.

Are pinion brakes street legal?

Pinion brakes are not safe on the street for a number of reasons, some already talked about. Let me go into the most important a bit more – thermal transfer capablitly. FACT: The street, especially emergency manouvers at speed, DEMAND a healthy safety margin and are no place for anythnig even slightly questionable.

How much do military axles weigh?

This will give you a hint of what kind of shape the internals may be in. Without drum brakes these axles weigh around 700 pounds, so plan accordingly. If you are building your own version of a 1980’s monster truck or are looking for an axle to pair with your 60-inch ag tires, then the 5-ton might be for you.

Are portal axles worth it?

It depends on your terrain, If you drive on jagged rocks that hit your differential a lot then it’s going to be worth it. If you go with the traxxas portals they can also reduce torque twist as well as increasing your gear reduction. Otherwise portals will raise the height of your chassis and cog.

Are portal axles any good?

Not only do Portals enhance clearance on a rig, they are, for the most part, very rugged and reliable in adverse conditions. Many use military style units; these are designed to keep people alive in combat situations and are more than adequate for navigating the most aggressive trails, or even forging new ones.

What is a pinion brake for?

A pinion brake is a driveline brake and will brake the vehicle via the differential. This means that if you are on slippery ground only the wheel with less traction will brake.

What do portal axles do?

What kind of axles does Rockwell American make?

Rockwell American is a leading manufacturer of axles, leaf springs, brakes and fenders for the trailer industry. With 14 wholly owned distribution centers around the U.S. and a full line of trailer products, Rockwell American provides full solutions with a national reach and a local touch.

When was Rockwell International established as AxleTech?

With origins that date to 1899, Rockwell International (Established as Axletech in 2002) has an unsurpassed understanding of the needs of OEMs, the military and specialty vehicle manufacturers for design excellence, cost-efficiency, performance and reliability.

How to contact heavy duty transaxle for Rockwell axles?

Contact Heavy Duty Transaxle today for assistance with your Rockwell off-highway axles, Rockwell differential, differential parts and axle parts. With over 30 plus years in the business, we have the Rockwell International knowledge to get your out of production Rockwell Off-highway Axles and Rockwell Differentials back up and running.

How big should the brackets be on a Rockwell axle?

When Used With “Standard 25.25″ Eye to Eye Leaf Springs, 1 3/4″ Wide, Brackets Should be Installed 29 -3/4” Center to Center on Your Frame – Spring Hangers are Meant to be Welded On.