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What episode does Sasuke stop being evil?

What episode does Sasuke stop being evil?

Sasuke comes back in episode #478 of Naruto Shippuden. The episode is titled “The Unison Sign” and encompasses the climax of the final fight between him and Naruto.

Does Sasuke forgive the Leaf?

After a final battle with Naruto where he loses his arm, he finally reconciles with Naruto and leaves Konoha (Leaf Village) to travel the world.

Does Sasuke ever settle down?

He spent those days in prison, as a Class S criminal. He was granted freedom under Kakashi’s authority as the new Hokage. But he didn’t go home or settle down with Sakura, he declared he would travel the world and come to terms with himself. Sasuke was pardoned for his crimes by Lord 6th, Kakashi, and at Naruto’s plea.

Is Sasuke still evil?

Sasuke Uchiha (Uchiha Sasuke) is the anti-heroic deuteragonist villain and the final villain of the Naruto Manga and Anime series. However, the desire of revenge and manipulation of Tobi made Sasuke into a major villain. But, later on, he returns to the Hidden Leaf and gives up on revenge.

Why does Sasuke not kiss Sakura?

Sasuke loves Sakura so much, he’s too awkward to show his feelings anywhere but in private. You see, Sakura expects a kiss (or better, a poke, the way she presents her forehead!), because she knows the real 1-on-1 Sasuke, and she’s confident he wants that kiss as much as he does.

Why is Sakura hated in Naruto?

Yeah, useless. Sakura, the pink-haired kunoichi from Naruto, is one of those characters you either love or hate. For example, Sakura was often seen as the weak link of her team, her severe pettiness interfered with her relationships with her ninja peers, and she allowed her love for Sasuke to dictate her life.

Why do we hate Sasuke so much in Naruto?

7 HATED HIM: Attacked Sakura Sakura has been in love with Sasuke ever since they were kids. Sasuke didn’t reciprocate the feelings for a very long time, but all despite Sasuke turning her down several times, Sakura continued to love her. Sasuke tried to kill Sakura and he would have succeeded if Naruto hadn’t bailed her out.

How did Sasuke kill his brother in Naruto?

The opportunity to kill his brother arrived in Naruto Shippuden and Sasuke pulled it off. Like Sasuke, all the fans rejoiced when Sasuke managed to kill his parricidal big brother. However, the joy was shortlived as Obito told Sasuke the “truth” about Itachi shortly after the fight was over.

What did Sasuke do after Itachi’s death?

Sasuke’s list of bad deeds is a long one. After Itachi’s death, Sasuke unwittingly decided to help Obito with his goal of getting ahold of the eight tails. Sasuke went to face Killer B and he ended up being humiliated by the jinchuriki of Gyuki. Sasuke’s contribution to the Fourth Great Ninja war was a major albeit he might not have realized it.

Are there any characters that are obsessed with Sasuke?

However, it may be annoying to some people to see Sasuke winning every fight he was in, aside from some exceptions. This is what I often like to call certain characters’ obsession over Sasuke, the most notorious examples being Sakura, Naruto and Karin.