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What does suspect foul play mean?

What does suspect foul play mean?

Foul play is criminal violence or activity that results in a person’s death. The report says it suspects foul play was involved in the deaths of two journalists. uncountable noun. Foul play is unfair or dishonest behavior, especially during a sports game.

What does it mean when no foul play is suspected?

Police were called to the scene of her death. Police also reported no foul play was suspected. “No foul play” is a phrase police have come to use to mean the person who died did not appear to have been attacked by another person; she did not appear to be a victim of a crime.

Who determines if there is a foul play?

Autopsies. The coroner may order a post-mortem examination to determine the cause, identification of the remains, document injuries, and to assist in determining the manner of death. A coroner usually orders a forensic autopsy if foul play is suspected.

Why do they call it foul play?

For example, The police suspected he had met with foul play. This term originally was and still is applied to unfair conduct in a sport or game and was being used figuratively by the late 1500s. Shakespeare used it in The Tempest (1:2): “What foul play had we, that we came from thence?”

What is an example of foul play?

The definition of foul play is a treacherous action, unfair play or play that breaks the rules of the game. When a fire is caused by arson, this is an example of a situation when there is foul play. When someone tackles in football in a way that is against the rules, this is an example of foul play.

Is foul play good Pokemon?

But if it uses Foul Play then Sableye is firing the move off through the opponent’s attack stat, which may be higher or lower, resulting in more (or less, depending on opponent) damage. It’s great on Pokemon that do not have a great attack stat and need good ways of physical damage.

Which is better crunch or foul play?

2 Answers. Foul Play is a bit gimmicky as it uses the target’s Attack stat, not your own. Crunch is more reliable. Solid 120 Power (after STAB) and a chance to lower defense is awesome.