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What did Hollis promise Beatrice?

What did Hollis promise Beatrice?

Hollis wishes she could leave too; she would take the bus to Branches on the first day she saw the Old Man and Steven at the diner, and she would do everything differently. Hollis promises Beatrice that she… More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Pictures of Hollis Woods.

What does Josie give Hollis for Christmas?

What did Josie give Hollis for Christmas? She gave her the wood figure of Hollis that she carved.

What did Hollis tell Josie at the end of chapter 2?

Hollis told Josie she would stay, but Hollis would never stay. Hollis missed the regans really bad, some regret.

Where does Hollis take Josie plan?

When the social worker tells Hollis that she has found another foster home for her, Hollis panics. She does not want to leave the vulnerable Josie and hatches a plan to take both of them to the Regans’ summer home in the woods.

What did Beatrice say about Hollis?

1. Beatrice said that Hollis has a gift as an artist.

Who is Henry in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Henry. He is Josie’s old, irritable cat who Hollis learns to get along with.

What happened to Josie in Hollis Woods?

When the agency came to take Hollis away to another family, what happened? Hollis took Josie and ran away. They went to the Branches, the summer house of the Regans. 11.

Why did Hollis run away with Josie?

Left alone at a young age Hollis Woods became the burden of the New York State Social Services. She ran away from so many foster families that even she had lost count. After running away from her last placement with the Regan family after a joyous summer, she is placed by the mustard lady with Josie Cahill.

What excuse did Hollis tell the mustard lady told Josie in order to skip school?

Because Hollis was dishonest, Josie couldn’t trust her anymore. Hollis Woods skipped school because she was dishonest. Hollis Woods hated the mustard woman because she was dishonest.

What happens to Josie in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

What is Josie Cahill holding when Hollis first sees her?

What is Josie Cahill holding when Hollis first sees her? Josie is holding a knife when Hollis first sees her.

What did Hollis know about Josie that the mustard woman didn t?

What did Hollis know about Josie that the mustard woman didn’t? She forgot things. She couldn’t paint.

Why does Josie want to stay with Hollis?

Hollis had been happy with them, and they had loved her unconditionally, but then something happened and she had to go away. Josie senses that Hollis is going to stay with her for a while, so she begins carving her likeness in wood.

Why did Hollis run away from her family?

The Regans were the only family before Josie that she felt like she was loved. Then why would she run away? She doesn’t belive she is good enough to be in that family because of what happened to Steven. Then she is sent to Josie. Josie loves Hollis and Hollis loves her.

Why did Hollis want to go to Africa?

When Hollis is able to take care of Josie by herself she is thrilled because she can finally go paint the pyramids in Africa. She loves painting and that has been a dream of hers for a while. She doesn’t when she will be back and she will miss Hollis and Josie. But when Hollis and Josie are missing she gets worried.

What are the main themes in pictures of Hollis Woods?

The themes in the novel Pictures Of Hollis Woods include: 1)The importance of friendship in promoting a sense of belonging. As the story progresses, Hollis comes to see that Josie and Beatrice are…