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What did a gigantoraptor eat?

What did a gigantoraptor eat?

It is unknown exactly what it would eat, but most people assume that it would have a diet consisting of fruit, unfertilized eggs, small and medium sized dinosaurs and more. The specimen that was found was only eleven years of age; it is most likely that this life forms adult stage was much larger.

Was the gigantoraptor a herbivore?

Gigantoraptor was probably a large herbivore but maybe it could also feed on small animals. It had a large toothless beak, but also some very large claws. Therefore it is still discussed what it ate.

Is gigantoraptor a bird?

Gigantoraptor erlianensis stood more than 16 feet (five meters) tall and weighed a ton and a half, or roughly 1,400 kilograms. “It is the largest known beaked dinosaur,” Xu says. …

How much do Gigantoraptors weigh?

2,000 – 2,700 kgAdult, Estimated

Is Gigantoraptor a raptor?

Gigantoraptor Wasn’t Technically a Raptor were true raptors; others, like Gigantoraptor, weren’t. Technically, Gigantoraptor is classified as an oviraptorosaur, a bipedal theropod dinosaur closely related to the central Asian Oviraptor.

What does a Gigantoraptor look like?

Gigantoraptor was a very unique looking dinosaur when it was alive. It was not only fairly large, but it also had some distinguishing features. It had a beak like a bird and may have even had feathers, making it look more like a giant bird than a dinosaur.

Is gigantoraptor a raptor?

Is gigantoraptor a carnivore?

Wikipedia has an article about Gigantoraptor. Gigantoraptor is an incredibly tall dinosaur in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. It is the largest member in Oviraptorosauria, a group of omnivorous to herbivorous theropod dinosaurs.

Can a gigantoraptor fly?

Gigantoraptor was at least twice the height of a man at the shoulder and grew more than 26 feet long. At 1,400kg, it was about 35 times heavier than any other feathered dinosaurs known by science. Although it could not fly, it was covered in feathers and had short forelimbs ending in large clawed “hands”.

Did Gigantoraptor teeth?

The mouth of Gigantoraptor was completely lacking teeth and had a large pronounced beak along the maxillaries (upper jaws) and dentaries (lower jaws). When theropods are found without teeth, it is generally associated with herbivory.