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Is Toni a common name?

Is Toni a common name?

Toñi is a Spanish feminine given name used as a short form of Antonia….Toni.

Word/name Antonius, Antonio, Anton, Antonia

What is Toni short for?

Toni is a short form of Anthony or Antonia, which derived from the Latin name Antonius, an ancient Roman family name, which derived from the ancient Greek name Anteon, son of Herkules.

What does rhe name Toni mean?

The name Toni is a girl’s name meaning “priceless one”. In the 1940s, Toni began to surpass its progenitor, Antonia, but today’s parents would be better advised to reconsider the pioneer strength of the original.

Is Toni a word?

a female given name, form of Antoinette or Antonia.

What nationality is the name Toni?

Italian: from a short form of the personal name Antonio (see Anthony).

Is Toni a French name?

French Baby Names Meaning: In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Toni is: Beyond praise. French feminine form of Anthony.

What does Toni mean in Latin?

Latin : Praiseworthy; Feminine form of Anthony. French : Worthy of praise.

What does Toni mean in the Bible?

A short form of Antoinette, meaning “extremely valuable”.

Is Toni an Irish name?

Toni in Irish is Antóinín.

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What’s the meaning of the girls name Toni?

Toni ▼ as a girls’ name (also used less commonly as boys’ name Toni) is pronounced TOH-nee. It is of English origin. Short form of Antonia and Antoinette, with contemporary variants based on Toni. Author Toni Morrison; actress Toni Colette. Toni Briana (T.B.), .. How popular is Toni?

Which is the most common form of Toni?

Antonia (#993 IN 2016), Antoinette, Tona, Tonette, Tonia, Tonie, Tonisha, Tony and Tonya are the popular variation forms of Toni (#1451). Other forms, like Tunke, are uncommon. Adoption of these forms of Toni was at its apex 5 decades ago (USAGE OF 0.6%) and is now much lower, with forms such as Antonia becoming somewhat dated.

What does Toni mean in the gay community?

A homosexual male who approaches male strangers (who are usually straight) and asks them for sex, and aggressively persists them. A diminutive of the female given name Antonia, sometimes used as a formal given name. “I’m not Toni any more. I’m Antonia.”