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How tall is Shaytard?

How tall is Shaytard?

1.75 m
Shay Carl/Height

How many siblings does Colette Butler have?

Callie Moore
Colette Butler/Siblings

Where does Shay Carl live?

ShayCarl and his family now live in Idaho, after spending several years living in L.A., and Wood and Carlie Butler also live in Idaho.

How old is Avia Butler?

16 years (May 4, 2005)
Avia Butler/Age

How old is Colette Shay?

39 years (June 29, 1982)
Colette Butler/Age

What are the Shaytards Tard names?

Mum and dad Shay Carl Butler and Colette ‘Mommytard’ Butler (aka Katilette) run the show, sharing their lives with their five children – Gavin ‘Sontard’ Butler, 14, Avia ‘Princesstard’ Butler, 12, Emmi ‘Babytard’ Butler, 10, Brock ‘Rocktard’ Butler, seven, and Daxton ‘Brotard’ Butler, four.

How old is Shay Carl?

41 years (March 5, 1980)
Shay Carl/Age

What is Babytards real name?

Emmi “Babytard” Butler Emmi Butler (born August 19, 2007 (2007-08-19) [age 14]) known as Babytard is the third oldest.

How old are the ShayTards now?

Who are the parents of Shay Carl’s children?

Shay Carl. Butler married Colette Crofts (“Katilette”) in January 2003. The couple has five children: Gavin, Avia, Emmi, Brock and Daxton. His family is known as the “Shaytards” and as “YouTube’s first family”. [better source needed] Butler stated that much of his children’s lives have been recorded and distributed in public.

Who is the oldest of Shay Butler’s children?

Shay Carl Butler was born on March 5, 1980, in Logan, Utah to Carl and Laurie Butler. Butler is the oldest of four children.

How many YouTube channels does Shay Carl have?

Shay Carl Butler (born March 5, 1980), known professionally as Shay Carl, is an American vlogger, author and YouTube personality. Butler has three YouTube channels, two of which (“shaycarl” and “SHAYTARDS”) have over three million subscribers.

When did the Vlogumentary Shay Carl come out?

Butler and Corey Vidal developed a documentary called Vlogumentary on a $200,000+ budget that was funded with an Indiegogo campaign and raised by mostly from his viewers. Vlogumentary was released on April 20, 2016.