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How much are the roof top seats at Wrigley?

How much are the roof top seats at Wrigley?

Wrigley Field Rooftop Seats Approved for Cubs’ 2020 Season, Will Sell for $350

  • There will reportedly be at least one semblance of normal during the 2020 Major League Baseball season.
  • Fans on the rooftops across the street from Wrigley Field during Chicago Cubs games.

What do Wrigley rooftops include?

The Wrigley Rooftops offer all-inclusive food and beverage that provides classic fare including Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches and nachos, as well as sirloin steaks, desserts and side dishes. Beer, wine and soft drinks are also available as part of the all-inclusive menu.

Which is the best Wrigley rooftop?

The best rooftops near Wrigley Field

  • 1048 W Waveland.
  • 1044 W Waveland.
  • 1038 W Waveland.
  • 1032 W Waveland.
  • 1010 W Waveland.
  • 3609 N Sheffield.
  • 3617 N Sheffield and3619 N Sheffield.

Can kids go to Wrigley rooftops?

No age limit is required to attend our rooftops. You must be 21 and older and present valid photo identification in order to drink alcoholic beverages. Children under 18 must be accompanied by adult.

Who owns the rooftop seats at Wrigley Field?

The Ricketts family
The Ricketts family, which owns the team, controls 11 of the 16 rooftop properties around the field.

Where should I sit at Wrigley Field?

When searching for a comfortable seat at Wrigley, we recommend sticking to the areas where you’ll have a good natural line of sight to the infield, and close access from the concourse. Down the left field line fans can find some very good, and often affordable, options in the first 10 rows of Sections 202 and 204.

Are bleacher seats at Wrigley Field assigned?

The Chicago Cubs have moved to 100% capacity. That means bleacher tickets are back to general admission, and are no longer assigned seats.

Are Wrigley rooftops legal?

Since operators charge admission to use their amenities and sell licenses to view Major League Baseball, the Cubs asserted that the facilities were illegally using a copyrighted game and sued for royalties.

Where should you not sit at Wrigley Field?

The terrace reserved seating area (rows 7 and above in sections 201-242) is where the obstructions begin on the lower level of Wrigley Field. The support beams can be found in the following seats. It would be wise to not purchase any Cubs tickets past the rows in these sections.

Is there a bad seat at Wrigley Field?

Terrace Reserved and Upper Reserved sections have support poles in front of them, which explains their lower price compared to the rest of the Wrigley Field seating bowl. The worst seats have “limited view” marked on the ticket, but the Cubs have a high standard for this, and the seat has to be really bad.

How many fans does Wrigley Field allow?

The city of Chicago is allowing the Cubs to increase their capacity to 60%, starting with this weekend’s series against the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs previously allowed a little more than 11,000 fans to meet the 25% capacity limit because of COVID-19 precautions. They are selling tickets in pods of up to six people.

How much do Cubs bleacher seats cost?

A bleacher season ticket will cost $3,464 in 2020, plus tax, a 2.6% decrease.