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How long does it take for an S-wave to travel 6000 km?

How long does it take for an S-wave to travel 6000 km?

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Wave Type Distance traveled from epicenter (km) Travel time
S 5200 20
S 1700 30
S 6000 00
S 1100 20

How long does it take for the S-wave to travel 2000 km?

Depending on the forcing factors, an earthquake’s s-wave could reach this distance in anywhere from approximately 4 minutes (at a speed of 8km/s) to 33 minutes (at a speed of 1km/s).

How long does it take for a primary wave to travel 2 000 km?

In a solid such as rock, the primary wave can travel at 5 km/sec; it would take 400 seconds, or about 6.7 minutes to travel 2,000 km.

How far will an S-wave travel in 10 minutes and 40 seconds?

How far will a S-wave travel in 10 minutes and 40 seconds? 3, 200 km.

How long would it take the P-wave to travel 5000 km?

6 minutes and 20 seconds
to travel 5,000km? Go to the chart! Go to the chart! The recording station tells us it took 6 minutes and 20 seconds for the P-Wave to reach them.

How far can a P-wave travel and 6 minutes 40 seconds?

P-wave will travel approximately from 5-8 km/s.

How long does it take a S wave to travel 5000 km?


Time (min.) Distance (km)
19:00 5000
20:00 5300
21:00 5700

What are the two types of seismic waves?

There are several different kinds of seismic waves, and they all move in different ways. The two main types of waves are body waves and surface waves. Body waves can travel through the Earth’s inner layers, but surface waves can only move along the surface of the planet like ripples on water.

What type of seismic waves travel the fastest?

P waves travel fastest and are the first to arrive from the earthquake. In S or shear waves, rock oscillates perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation. In rock, S waves generally travel about 60% the speed of P waves, and the S wave always arrives after the P wave.

How long in seconds does it take the P-wave to arrive?

Remember there are 60 seconds in each minute. Therefore each vertical divi- sion is one-third of a minute, since 1 minute (60 seconds) 3 20 seconds. For example, this graph tells you that if an earthquake epicenter is 4000 km away, the P-wave will take 7 minutes to get to you.

How far does a P-wave travel in 7 minutes?

Table of P and S-P versus distance

Delta Degrees Time of P Wave (min) S-P Time (sec)
34.0 6 23.8
35.0 6 30.5
36.0 6 37.3
37.0 7 44.0