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How do you use turn out?

How do you use turn out?

Definition of turn out to be (something) —used to say that something or someone eventually becomes something or is found to have a particular identity, quality, ability, etc. The play turned out to be a success. The animal in the bushes turned out to be a cat.

What is the phrasal verb of turn out?

2(used with an adverb or adjective, or in questions with how) to happen in a particular way; to develop or end in a particular way Despite our worries everything turned out well.

How do you use out and out in a sentence?

1. B:I hope it’s an out and out fabrication. 2. The news report is out and out bollocks.

Can I start a sentence with turns out?

The sentence should have a preceding pronoun, ‘It turns out that she sussed me out right from the start. ‘ The two ‘outs’ make it sound a little awkward. ‘It turns out that she had me pegged right from the start.

What does come out mean?

1a : to come into public view : make a public appearance a new magazine has come out. b : to become evident his pride came out in his refusal to accept help. 2 : to declare oneself especially in public utterance came out in favor of the proposal.

How do you use turn into in a sentence?

1) Patriotism can turn into jingoism and intolerance very quickly. 2) I saw him turn into the library. 3) I want that my love to you will turn into bright sunlight so thatto warm your heart. 4) We can’t turn into those people who work and work just to pay their bill,[ into.

What is the phrasal verb of give up?

The phrasal verb give up can mean ‘to surrender’ i.e. to stop trying and admit defeat. It can be used when we can’t answer a quiz/test question someone asks us. Give up as ‘stop trying’: Example – “You’ll never guess the answer – do you give up?”

What do you understand by turn out?

Turnout means the total number of people who show up to vote or gather for an event. The success of democratic elections depends on voter turnout — how many people actually get out and vote. Voter turnout is crucial in an election, but turnout is not always about politics.

What does the idiom a white elephant mean?

noun. a possession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of: Our Victorian bric-a-brac and furniture were white elephants. a possession entailing great expense out of proportion to its usefulness or value to the owner: When he bought the mansion he didn’t know it was going to be such a white elephant.

What does it mean to get marked out?

to show that someone or something is different from others. mark someone/something out as something: His talent has marked him out as one of the greatest runners ever.

What does it mean to get turned down?

to show unwillingness to accept, do, engage in, or agree to.

What makes it come out the most meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmake the most of something/get the most out of somethingmake the most of something/get the most out of somethingto gain the greatest possible advantage from something Charming and friendly, she will help you make the most of your visit.

What is the meaning of the word turn out?

1a : to come or go out from home in or as if in answer to a summons voters turned out in droves. b : to get out of bed. 2a : to prove to be in the result or end the play turned out to be a flop it turned out that we were both wrong.

How is the word turnout used in a sentence?

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘turnout.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback . “Turnout.”

Which is the correct spelling turnout or gathering?

Accessed 14 Jul. 2021. : a gathering of people for a special reason We had a good turnout for the meeting. Which is the correct spelling? Test your vocabulary with our 10-question quiz!