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How do you get WOOZ?

How do you get WOOZ?

You can now earn Wooz exclusively on the Woozworld10 on mobile by clicking the “Free Wooz” button in Shopz or from our Store. Complete tasks like downloading and running an app, completing a survey, or playing a game online, and then you’ll be rewarded with Wooz!

Is woozworld down right now? is UP and reachable by us. The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.

Is woozworld safe?

Woozworld is a safe environment for tweens to socialize where we strictly guard the personal information of our users and do not share any user information with other parties. We offer real-time, safe chat that is GDPR compliant.

How long has woozworld been out?

Developed in 2009, Woozworld ® Inc created and operates, a Web 2.0 innovative virtual social network, specifically designed to answer the needs and expectations of tweens (8 to 14 years).

What is BEEX?

Beex is one of the two currencies that Woozworld uses. It is now used for the main currency of Woozworld. When Woozens do an event of ‘sales’ or ‘rares’, they sell them with beex as it is the only currency you can sell items with.

How old should you be to play Woozworld?

Woozworld was mainly created for Tweens to express themselves in different ways. The service is designed for tweens, the average age of users being between 8 and 14.

Is woozworld kid friendly?

Dear Parents, Woozworld is a virtual world and social networking site for Tweens and Teens, where your child can express his or her creativity in a fun and a safe environment. Woozworld is also patrolled by an experienced team of moderators that ensure your child’s safety. …

Who is the CEO of Woozworld?

Nicolas Lee (Jun 2, 2015–)

Is Woozworld kid friendly?

Does Woozworld delete old accounts?

After 30 days, your Woozworld account will be deleted permanently such as all your personal information, blocks your Woozin, unfriends all contacts and locks all virtual spaces. How to recover your Woozworld account after cancellation?

How old do you have to be to play Woozworld?

If you are under 13 years old, DO let your parent/guardian know that you’ve joined Woozworld. In order to maintain your safety, your parent(s)/guardian(s) should know when and where you’re playing online. When you create your account, you can enter your parent/guardian’s email address to keep them informed.

Who owns woozworld?

Azerion BV
Woozworld/Parent organizations

How do you get WOOZ on WOOZ World?

Beex are awarded for completing activities; kids can earn Wooz by selling virtual items to other users or parents can use real money to bankroll their kids’ account. The practical experience of making money and budgeting for purchases that Woozworld offers is a plus.

How do you get VIP status on WOOZ World?

VIP is the paid subscription for Woozworld, which gives Woozens various benefits which are listed below. VIP status is gained when a Woozen subscribes to Woozworld by purchasing VIP on Woozworld’s official website, purchasing 1 month VIP on ShopZ, or when VIP is given to them through the daily wheel.

How does WOOZ world help kids make money?

The practical experience of making money and budgeting for purchases that Woozworld offers is a plus. However, an additional activity or some reference materials relating the skills to real life would really help kids understand the principles behind saving and spending. Money management skills are a side benefit in this chat-focused virtual world.

Can you create your own avatar on WOOZ World?

Users create an avatar to wander the virtual WOOZWORLD — but unfortunately, jumping around the world’s various sections doesn’t always happen quickly. Unless you have a VIP membership, you may find there’s a wait to get in many areas — and you can be 20th or more in line. The site’s navigation may be a bigger issue for kids.