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Who were Tom and Huck testify against?

Who were Tom and Huck testify against?

In court, Injun Joe pins the murder on Muff Potter, although Tom and Huckleberry Finn know he is innocent. Before Potter’s trial, Tom decides to defy his blood oath with Huck and testifies against Injun Joe, who quickly escapes through a window before he can be apprehended.

How do Tom Mr Walters and Judge Thatcher show off in church?

Walters is eager to impress Judge Thatcher, the Bible-awarding ceremony proceeds. The Judge pats Tom on the head and compliments him on his diligence. He gives him the chance to show off his purported knowledge, asking him, “No doubt you know the names of all the twelve disciples.

What does Tom Sawyer do during Sunday school?

In Sunday school class, Tom claims the award of a Bible for “knowing” so many verses. Tom is then introduced to Judge Thatcher, who asks him the name of the first two apostles, and Tom blurts out “David and Goliath!”

What is Tom Sawyer secret in Chapter 16?

In desperation, Tom reveals his “secret,” a little plan that’s good enough to keep them from leaving. After dinner, Tom decides he wants to learn how to smoke from Huck. He and Joe puff on a pipe for the first time and boast about how much they love it, how they could smoke all the time, etc.

Why are Tom and Huck afraid of Injun Joe?

He is the personification of evil, and his evil is seen in his willingness to kill a man for revenge or for some trivial reason. The townspeople are willing to believe Injun Joe because they are afraid of him and fear retaliation from him. Thus Huck and Tom are right in their fear of Injun Joe.

Why did Huck and Tom go to the graveyard?

Tom wanted to get rid of his warts. So they agreed for a meeting at the graveyard at midnight to try out a new cure with the dead cat.

Why does Tom Sawyer want a Bible?

Tom is presented with a Bible because he has the most red tickets from reciting Bible verses. He deserve the Bible because he traded for the tickets he used to get his prize.

Why did Tom enjoyed this Sunday’s sermon?

Terms in this set (12) Why had Tom enjoyed this Sunday’s sermon? The dog had been pinched by the pinchbug so the dog raced around the church yapping and disrupting. Why did Tom sometimes wish that there were no weekends? Tom wished that there were no weekends so that Mondays would not be hard.

What does Sid do that Tom is blamed for?

When Sid tries to steal some sugar, only to knock the bowl to the ground, Tom sits, ecstatic, waiting to see Sid get what he deserves. Instead, he gets blamed for the incident and hit again.

What happened in Chapter 12 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 12: The Cat and the Pain-Killer Becky Thatcher falls ill and stops coming to school. Tom’s depression worsens, so much so that Aunt Polly begins to worry about his health. Becky finally returns to school that morning, but she spurns Tom completely.

What happened in Chapter 17 of Tom Sawyer?

The proceedings are interrupted when Tom, Joe, and Huck walk into the church, which was the secret plan that Tom had told to the other two boys back on the island. Tom and Joe’s families sweep the two of them up in their joy at finding them alive, while Huck is ignored.

Why is Huck homeless?

From the beginning of the novel, Twain makes it clear that Huck is a boy who comes from the lowest levels of white society. His father is a drunk and a ruffian who disappears for months on end. Huck himself is dirty and frequently homeless. Because Huck is a child, the world seems new to him.

Why does Tom have difficulty in Sunday school?

Tom, a very bright boy, has a great deal of difficulty learning his Sunday school lesson because he is bored and “takes no stock” is sermons, not even the famous “Sermon on the Mount.”

Who is Tom Sawyers Sunday school teacher in the adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Walters, Tom’s Sunday school teacher, is flabbergasted when Tom approaches with the tickets. He knows that Tom has not memorized the appropriate number of verses, but since Tom has the required tickets, and since Mr. Walters is eager to impress Judge Thatcher, the Bible-awarding ceremony proceeds.

Who is Tom’s cousin in Sunday school?

On Sunday morning, Tom struggles to learn his Sunday school lesson with the help of his cousin Mary, who offers him a present if he can learn the lesson. Tom applies himself and soon has it mastered.

Why does Tom hate Sunday School in Mark Twain?

Unlike Sid, who is fond of Sunday school, Tom “hate [s] it with his whole heart” and Twain’s presentation of a day in Sunday school with the long tedious and boring speeches is proof enough why anyone–except Sid, that is–would dislike it. Twain is at his best in satirizing religion and church.