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Who is allowed to take a restricted report?

Who is allowed to take a restricted report?

At this time, only military personnel of the Armed Forces and their adult dependents are eligible to file a Restricted Report. Service members who were victims of sexual assault PRIOR to enlistment or commissioning are eligible to receive SAPR services under either reporting option.

Who can take restricted reports sharp?

Restricted reporting is available at this time to military personnel of the Armed Forces and military dependents age 18 and older who are eligible for treatment in the military healthcare system, who were victims of sexual assault perpetrated by someone other than a spouse or intimate partner.

Can a commander take a restricted report?

If you tell others (e.g., commander, investigator, a friend who may tell other mandatory reporters), you may no longer be eligible for Restricted Reporting.

Is restricted reporting always confidential?

Restricted Reporting – is confidential, does not trigger an investigation or command involvement, and allows access to THESE supportive service options: Advocacy Services (support, information, referral, and accompaniment)

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted reporting?

Under Unrestricted Reporting, both the command and law enforcement are notified. With Restricted (Confidential) Reporting, the adult sexual assault victim can access healthcare, advocacy services, and legal services without the notification to command or law enforcement.

What is the purpose of the restricted reporting option?

The Restricted Reporting Option. (1) Intended to give a victim additional time and increased control over the release and management of personal information and to empower the victim to seek relevant information and support to make informed decisions about participating in a criminal investigation.

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted Sharp reports?

Restricted reporting is designed to help the victim by allowing them to receive the help that they need without formally opening an investigation. Unrestricted reporting gives the victim medical attention while simultaneously opens a formal investigation into the alleged assault/harassment.

How many days do you have to report sharp?

Every Soldier must have the personal courage to Intervene, Act, and Motivate others to take action when needed. Every Soldier who is aware of a sexual assault should immediately (within 24 hours) report incidents. (AR 600-20, para 7-3b. and para 8-2a.)

At what level does the sharp program have a full time staff?

brigade level
The Army’s SHARP Program also: Permeates the Army structure from the Pentagon down to the individual Soldier level. Has full-time staff at the brigade level and higher.

Can SARC take unrestricted report?

Individuals who are sexually assaulted and want to make an Unrestricted Report may report the assault to a SARC, SAPR VA, healthcare personnel, a member of your chain of command, law enforcement, or legal personnel.

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted reporting army?

Why is the sharp program failing?

The lack of leadership and interest in the program led to personnel shortages, and brigades and battalions regularly failed to adequately staff their SHARP programs or meet other requirements. The 416th had no sexual assault response coordinator from mid-November 2018 until early July 2019, nearly nine months.

Who can take an unrestricted report?

An unrestricted report can be made to any of the following agencies: VA/SARC, a health care provider, a chaplain, the chain of command, the military police (MP), the Criminal Investigation Command (CID), Army Community Service (ACS), the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA), 911 or Military One Source.

Can CID take a restricted report?

CID agents cannot begin an investigation until a victim comes forward and initiates an unrestricted report. Victims can opt for restricted reports and receive counseling and medical attention. Restricted reports can be made to unit victim advocates, health care professionals,…

Who can receive a restricted report sharp?

National Guard and Reserve Component members will be eligible to receive limited SHARP support services from a SARC and a SHARP VA and are eligible to file a Restricted or Unrestricted Report if they are reporting a sexual assault that occurred prior to, or while not performing active service or inactive training.

What is a restricted report of sexual assault?

Restricted Reporting. Restricted reporting allows a sexual assault victim to confidentially disclose the details of his or her assault to specified individuals and receive medical treatment and counseling, without triggering the official investigative process.