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What is the formula of dodecagon?

What is the formula of dodecagon?

A dodecagon can be broken into a series of triangles by the diagonals which are drawn from its vertices. The number of triangles which are created by these diagonals, can be calculated with the formula: (n – 2), where n = the number of sides. In this case, n = 12. So, 12 – 2 = 10.

How do you find the surface area of a dodecagon?

Area of a Regular Dodecagon For a regular dodecagon with sides s, the area formula is: A = 3 × (s)^2 × (2 + √3)

What is the number of sides of a dodecagon?

Dodecagon/Number of edges

A dodecagon is a 12-sided polygon. Several special types of dodecagons are illustrated above. In particular, a dodecagon with vertices equally spaced around a circle and with all sides the same length is a regular polygon known as a regular dodecagon.

What is a 10 sided shape called?

Regular decagon
In geometry, a decagon (from the Greek δέκα déka and γωνία gonía, “ten angles”) is a ten-sided polygon or 10-gon….Decagon.

Regular decagon
A regular decagon
Type Regular polygon
Edges and vertices 10
Schläfli symbol {10}, t{5}

What is a infinite sided shape called?

regular apeirogon

The regular apeirogon
Edges and vertices
Schläfli symbol {∞}
Coxeter diagram
Internal angle (degrees) 180°

What is a one billion sided shape called?


Regular megagon
Type Regular polygon
Edges and vertices 1000000
Schläfli symbol {1000000}, t{500000}, tt{250000}, ttt{125000}, tttt{62500}, ttttt{31250}, tttttt{15625}
Coxeter diagram

How to calculate the interior angle of a dodecagon?

1 One interior angle of a regular dodecagon is 150° which sums up to a total of 1800°. 2 The sum of all the exterior angles of a polygon is always 360°, i.e., so for dodecagons, each angle is of 30°. 3 The total number of diagonals of a dodecagon is 54. It can be found from the formula given below:

Is it possible to find the area of a dodecagon?

Yes, it is possible to find the area of a triangle and therefore, find the area of a dodecagon. For this method, you have to consider the regular dodecagon to have 12 isosceles triangles with one angle at 30 degrees and the remaining two angles at 75 degrees.

What are the properties of a regular dodecagon?

What are the Properties of Regular Dodecagons? In a regular decagon, each interior angle is equal to 150° and each exterior angle is equal to 30°. The sum of its interior angles is 1800°, while the sum of its exterior angles is 360°. How do you Find the Area of a Dodecagon?

How many vertices are there in a dodecagon?

A Dodecagon is a 12-sided polygon, with 12 interior angles, and 12 vertices which is where the sides meet. Want to find the area of a Dodecagon shape?