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What is function of radiator in transformer?

What is function of radiator in transformer?

The radiator of transformer accelerates the cooling rate of transformer. Thus, it plays a vital role in increasing loading capacity of an electrical transformer. This is basic function of radiator of a power transformer.

What is Onan and ONAF in transformer?

For example: ONAN designates an oil filled unit that has natural convection flow in the tank and utilizes natural air convection cooling externally. If this transformer has fans added for forced air externally, the designation would be ONAF.

What is the use of cooling tubes in transformer?

The system includes external radiator tubes with air cooling from fans installed on transformer tank walls. The fans suck the air from below and direct it to the top part of the tubes, cooling the hot oil. If the nominal load is below 100%, this cooling system can operate with the fans off.

What are the various methods of cooling of transformers?

Cooling of Dry type transformers The following two transformer cooling methods are adopted in dry-type transformers. Air Natural (AN) cooling – Cooled by surrounding air. Heat transfer by natural convection. Air Forced (AF) cooling – Forced sir circulation using fans and blowers.

Why bushing is used in transformer?

The bushings used for the low voltage winding(s) of a transformer are often solid type with a porcelain or epoxy insulator. Their purpose is to control the voltage field around the center conductor so that the voltage distributes more uniformly across the surrounding insulation system in the bushing.

Why Dyn11 is used in transformer?

Normally , Dyn11 vector group using at distribution system. Because Generating Transformer are YNd1 for neutralizing the load angle between 11 and 1. Thus, the yn side of the transformer is a ‘separately derived system’ in which all earth fault current must flow through the neutral of this transformer.

What does Onan ONAF mean?

Natural Air Natural
Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN) Oil Natural Air Forced (ONAF)

Which is the application of auto transformer?

The autotransformer has many uses and applications including the starting of induction motors, used to regulate the voltage of transmission lines, and can be used to transform voltages when the primary to secondary ratio is close to unity.

How does oil cool a transformer?

As the core and the windings heat up the temperature of the oil in the transformer rises. This hot oil dissipates heat in the air by natural convection and conduction process, the oil gets cooled by the circulation of natural air and passes through the radiator again for the use of the transformer.

What is OFAF type of cooling system?

OFAF means “Oil Forced Air Forced” cooling methods of transformer. The main advantage of this system is that it is compact system and for same cooling capacity OFAF occupies much less space than farmer two systems of transformer cooling.

Which type of cooling is used in 500kVA transformer?

Dry Type
500kVA 3-Phase Dry Type Distribution Transformer

Power Rating 500kVA
Number of Phase 3-Phase
Winding Material Copper
Cooling Type Dry Type/Air Cooled
Brand United