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What is an example of a Costermonger?

What is an example of a Costermonger?

a hawker of fruit, vegetables, fish, etc. to sell fruit, vegetables, fish, etc., from a cart, barrow, or stall in the streets.

What does a Costermonger make?

Freebase. Costermonger. Costermonger, Coster or Costard is a street seller of fruit and vegetables, in London and other British towns. They were ubiquitous in mid-Victorian England, and some are still found in markets.

What is a coster girl?

One who sells fruit, vegetables, fish, or other goods from a cart, barrow, or stand in the streets. [Obsolete costard-monger : costard + monger.]

What is a Costermonger synonym?

Princeton’s WordNet. costermonger, barrow-man, barrow-boynoun. a hawker of fruit and vegetables from a barrow. Synonyms: barrow-boy, barrow-man.

What is a barrow boy in England?

In British mountain rescue terminology, a barrow boy is the person who guides a stretcher during a crag (steep rugged mass of rock) rescue. …

What is a coster boy?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a costermonger as “a person who sells fruit and vegetables outside rather than in a store” while the Collins Dictionary defines a costermonger as “a person who sells fruit or vegetables from a cart or street stand.

What is an old barrow boy?

(Britain) A boy or man who sells goods – especially fruit or vegetables – from a barrow; a costermonger. (Britain, slang, derogatory) By extension, a financial industry worker from a working class or lower middle class family background.

What does the term wide boy mean?

British, informal + disapproving. : a man who earns a lot of money by doing things that are dishonest or illegal.

What is an English Costermonger?

Costermonger, coster, or costard is a street seller of fruit and vegetables in London and other British towns. The term is derived from the words costard (a medieval variety of apple) and monger (seller), and later came to be used to describe hawkers in general.

What is the meaning of barrow boy?

countable noun. A barrow boy is a man or boy who sells fruit or other goods from a barrow in the street. [British]

When did the term costermonger first appear in English?

The term costermonger first appeared in written English language in the early 16th century. The term coster is a corruption of costard, a kind of apple, and the term monger, meaning a trader or broker.

Where did the costermonger get his food from?

Costermongers met a need for rapid food distribution from the wholesale markets (e.g., in London: Smithfield for meat, Spitalfields for fruit and vegetables or Billingsgate for fish) by providing retail sales at locations that were convenient for the labouring classes.

What are some examples of costermonger back slang?

Costermongers also developed their own linguistic forms. In the 1800s, they spoke back slang; in which ordinary words are said backwards. Examples of back slang include yob for boy; ecslop for police; elbat for table and yennep for penny.

Where was the costermonger popular in the Victorian era?

Parodies of the costermonger and his way of life were frequent features in Victorian music halls. Costermongers were ubiquitous in mid- Victorian England, but their numbers began to decline in the second half of the 20th-century when they began to take up pitches in the regulated markets.