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What is a inquired person?

What is a inquired person?

One who inquires: inquirer, investigator, prober, querier, quester, questioner, researcher. 2. One who conducts an official inquiry, usually with no regard for human rights: interrogator, questioner.

What does the expression in question mean?

phrase. The person, thing, or time in question is one which you have just been talking about or which is relevant. Add up all the income you’ve received over the period in question. Synonyms: under discussion, at issue, under consideration, in doubt More Synonyms of in question.

What does it mean when something is under consideration?

: being thought about and discussed Her suggestion is still under consideration by the committee.

What do you mean by illumination?

1 : the action of supplying or brightening with light or the resulting state. 2 : the luminous flux per unit area on an intercepting surface at any given point. — called also illuminance. Other Words from illumination. illuminate \ il-​ˈü-​mə-​ˌnāt \ transitive verb illuminated; illuminating.

What does Inquierd mean?

verb (used without object), in·quired, in·quir·ing. to seek information by questioning; ask: to inquire about a person. to make investigation (usually followed by into): to inquire into the incident.

What is a Querier?

Definitions of querier. someone who asks a question. synonyms: asker, enquirer, inquirer, questioner.

What is a incriminate?

transitive verb. : to charge with or show evidence or proof of involvement in a crime or fault.

What is the meaning of in the prime of life?

The best years of one’s life, when one is at the peak of one’s powers, as in She was in the prime of life when she began to lose her sight. The related phrase in one’s prime can be applied to objects as well as persons. For example, The roses were in their prime when you last saw them.

What is the difference between under review and under consideration?

Under consideration means the editor hasn’t read it yet. Under review means it is being peer-reviewed.

What is another word for under consideration?

What is another word for under consideration?

receiving attention under control
under deliberation being dealt with
in hand under way
being attended to

What does Scriptorium mean in English?

: a copying room for scribes especially in a medieval monastery.

How do you use illuminate?

Illuminate sentence example

  1. She opened the single wardrobe, pushing the doors open enough for the room’s light to illuminate the contents.
  2. Torch lights illuminate from a different level than the ground lighting.
  3. In such instruments an arrangement is often required to intensely illuminate the object.

Which is the best definition of the word unquestioned?

Definition of unquestioned. : not doubted or questioned. unquestioned authority. an assumption that has gone unquestioned. a person of unquestioned integrity.

What is the dictionary definition of the Inquisition?

[in-kwuh-zish-uhn, ing-] See more synonyms for inquisition on noun. an official investigation, especially one of a political or religious nature, characterized by lack of regard for individual rights, prejudice on the part of the examiners, and recklessly cruel punishments.

What is the meaning of the word inquiry?

the act of inquiring; inquiry; research. an investigation, or process of inquiry. a judicial or official inquiry. the finding of such an inquiry.

Which is an example of an unquestioned priority?

Napier’s priority in the publication of the logarithms is unquestioned and only one other contemporary mathematician seems to have conceived the idea on which they depend. By this means she detected in 1783 three remarkable nebulae, and during the eleven years 1786-1797 eight comets, five of them with unquestioned priority.