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How old is Gladstone Park Secondary College?

How old is Gladstone Park Secondary College?

Gladstone Park Secondary College
Established 1975
Principal Lynne Gutterson
Years offered 7–12
Enrolment 1644 (2018)

Is Gladstone Park Secondary College a good school?

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School Gladstone Park Secondary College
State Overall Score 82
Better Education Percentile 45%
Total Enrolments 1639
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How old is Gladstone Park?

Gladstone Park evolved from the Dollis Hill Estate and became a public park in May 1901. It was named after Sir William Gladstone, the former Liberal Prime Minister, who had spent many years using Dollis Hill House as his weekend retreat.

What shops are at Gladstone Park Shopping Centre?

These include Woolworths, BWS, ALDI, Bigfields Fresh Market, Gladstone Park Superclinic, Post Office, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac ATM, Priceline Pharmacy, Direct Chemist Outlet, and so much more.

Is Gladstone Park a good suburb?

Gladstone Park is a safe and friendly suburb. The airport is very close by and there are nice schools and parks around. Gladstone Park Shopping Centre is located within this suburb which is very convenient. According to the 2016 census, the population of Gladstone Park was at 8,338.

Why is it called Gladstone Park?

What is the postcode for Gladstone Park?

Gladstone Park/Postal codes

Is Tullamarine a good suburb?

Tullamarine used to be reasonably priced and great for first home buyers but first home buyers are being priced out of this suburb as it is getting quite expensive to buy here now. Tullamarine is on a trajectory of massive expansion, I see it as a great place to invest in or live in if you like living amongst it all.

How big is Gladstone Park?

86 acres
Gladstone Park is situated in the Dollis Hill area of north-west London. It is about 35 hectares (86 acres) in area.

What is Greenvale postcode?

Greenvale/Postal codes

What is the postcode for Airport West?

Airport West/Postal codes

Is airport West a safe suburb?

Very safe and friendly. Quick access to freeways, Westfield, DFO and airport access in less than 10 mins.