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How much does a Carolina skiff weigh?

How much does a Carolina skiff weigh?

At 16′ 8” overall length, the Carolina Skiff 17 JV CC enjoys the same beamy 64-inch width and 14-inch gunwale height. Rated for up to four people or 980 pounds, the 17 JV CC has a total weight of 750 pounds and can handle up to a 40-hp outboard engine.

How much does a Carolina skiff and trailer weigh?

Per the Carolina Skiff web site, weight is 1073 pounds on the hull. Figure 300 pounds for the outboard. Another 500-750 pounds for a single axle trailer. So I think around 2000 pounds total sounds about right.

How much do skiff boats weigh?


Interior Depth 45.72 cm 18”
Draft 20.32 cm 8”
Dry Weight 548.85 kg 1210 lbs.
Average Hull Weight 430.91 kg 950 lbs.
Average Package Weight 929.86 kg 2050 lbs.

How much does a Carolina Skiff 198 DLV weight?

1,660 lbs.
The Carolina Skiff 198 DLV has a LOA of 19′ (5.79 m), and a beam of 96” (244 cm). With an empty weight of 1,660 lbs. (753 kg) full fuel, two people plus the 405 lb.

How much is a 19 ft Carolina skiff?

Posted on November 25, 2019 (February 24, 2020) by Team CSkiff. This holiday season, treat yourself and your family to one gift that keeps on giving for years to come – the Carolina Skiff 19 Ultra Elite, which starts at $29,499* nationwide!

How much does a 21 ft Carolina skiff weight?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
198 19′ 1660
218 21′ 1773
238 23′ 1916
258 25′ 2023

How heavy is a 17 ft boat?

How Much Does a 17 Ft Boat Weigh? Depending on the boat type, between 1,150 lbs. and 2,221 lbs., not including a trailer.

How much does a 16 ft aluminum boat weight?

16-foot aluminum Jon boats have an average dry hull weight of 359 pounds or 163 kg.

Are Carolina skiffs good?

Carolina Skiff boats are known for their versatility and high-quality performance, which can make them the best choice for high value seeking boaters and fisherman. That being said, to really know for sure if a Carolina Skiff is the right boat for your needs, you should visit Top Notch Marine as soon as possible.

How shallow can a Carolina Skiff go?

How Shallow can you go? A mere three inches of water! Carolina Skiff’s revolutionary Tunnel Hull Series boats draft…and more amazingly, plane…in three inches of water, putting you on fish where others can’t.

How much does a Carolina Skiff 21 cost?

STARTING AT $28,863. NOTE: The (NAP) Price does not include Dealer freight, Dealer prep, trailer, aftermarket accessories, or options. Price, materials, colors, options and specifications are subject to change without notice.

How wide is a 19 foot Carolina skiff?

96 inches
A wide-open deck space provides plenty of room for gear and anglers for multi-species in shallow and deep fishing areas. The 198 DLV is 19′ overall with a wide beam of 96 inches.

What are the specs of a Carolina Skiff?

Beyond presenting options in style, Carolina Skiff offers assembled as well as kit fishing boats that can be built to the standards and tastes of any boater. All Carolina Skiff boats adhere to the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s tests for safety.

Is the Carolina Skiff 198 DLV a shallow water boat?

From the backwater to the bay, the unique, modified Tri-V hull tames choppy water, and a draft of about 6 inches gives you access to shallow water inaccessible for bay boats. Get the best of both worlds and more with the 198 DLV.

What do you need to know about the 19 LS skiff?

Designed with families and fishing in mind, the 19 LS is packed with amenities for adventure. For anglers, the 19 LS has six flush-mounted rod holders at the console as well as velcro rod savers under the gunnel, an 18-gallon stern live well for bait and plenty of onboard storage space for supplies.

What to do with a 19 foot skiff boat?

Step up your seating with a deluxe leaning post featuring extra storage and expedite your fishing activities with a built-in cutting board and bait station. If snorkeling or diving is more your passion, consider adding a swim platform with telescoping fold-up ladder.