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How do I know if my Hummels are valuable?

How do I know if my Hummels are valuable?

Age – Vintage Hummels are usually more valuable. Age can be determined by the TMK marking style. Size and complexity – Bigger and more sophisticated models are usually worth more.

What are the rarest Hummels?

Adventure Bound is the most rare and valuable Hummel figurine. This 8-inch figure depicts seven little boys heading out on an adventure. Models with the “Full Bee” stamp (also called the TMK-2) were created before 1959.

Are Hummels worth keeping?

Limited-edition Hummel figurines bring higher values than pieces with much larger production runs. Retired figurines—ones that are no longer on the market—command better prices than pieces that are currently in production. A rare Hummel figurine can bring a value of $1000 or more.

How can you tell how old a Hummel is?

A Hummel figurine can be dated by the marking or trademark on the underside of its base. This mark is also referred to as the backstamp, stamp, or figure. This is very important as Hummel values are determined by age as well as scarcity.

Are Hummels still collectible?

Both cute and coveted by collectors, Hummel figurines were one of the hottest collectibles of the 20th century. Their appeal continues today, as the scarcity of some styles has driven prices to record heights.

Where can I sell my Hummels 2020?

The best option is to sell them yourself is online through eBay or Etsy,, but this will take some time as the market is now flooded with these pieces and buyers who are willing to pay a higher market value have many more options to choose from!

Why are Hummels worthless?

Hummel figurines The 3D ceramic figures were incredibly popular, so they produced more and more versions and sold them all over the world. What were once rare collectibles are now readily available, which makes them practically worthless.

Are Hummel and Goebel the same?

Goebel Collectors Club The name and scope of the club were changed in 1989 to the M.I. Hummel Club and would focus on Sister Hummel’s artwork. The club is now international and today has more than 100,000 members. Like most popular items that are collected, there are Hummel look-a-likes.

Will Hummels ever be valuable again?

Most used Hummels now sell for no more than $75 in shops, with prices likely to continue to fall as more Hummels reach the market. Exception: Certain rare Hummels, such as those taller than 12 inches or those made before 1949, still can fetch four figures. Anything made by the Franklin Mint.

Is there any market for Hummels?

Their appeal continues today, as the scarcity of some styles has driven prices to record heights. While modestly priced Hummels dominate the market, exceptional examples of these rosy-cheeked children can sell between several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Why are Hummel figurines so cheap?

As more Hummel figurines were produced and countless “special editions” were created, the resale value of these ceramics began to sink. The supply of Hummels just keeps growing as the generations that collected Hummels pass away, leaving behind thousands of their diminishing-value dust-collectors.

How to find the value of Hummel figurines?

This is a Hummel figurines and collectibles suggested retail price and estimated auction (fair market value) price guide. Use this chart to find out the value of your Hummel. Find your Hummel in this chart to determine the Suggested Retail Price and estimated Auction (Fair Market Value) Price.

Is there a market for Hummels at auction?

In recent decades, the market for Hummels has experienced fluctuations and dips in price, but current market trends suggest that truly outstanding Hummels for sale can still achieve impressive prices at auction.

What’s the value of a Hummel Merry Wanderer?

A very early Hummel design, the Merry Wanderer is still a sought-after figurine. This iconic Hummel depicts a young boy with a bag in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Although recent versions are only worth about $200, early models from 1935 are extremely rare and often worth thousands of dollars.

What’s the value of a Hummel Max and Moritz?

Without knowing the age of your Hummel figurine I can only give you a range estimate. HUM 123 “Max and Moritz” Value of this Hummel can be anywhere from $279 to $800 depending on the year made. These are retail values. At auction you will usually see 1/3-1/2 the retail value.