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Can you design your own toy?

Can you design your own toy?

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a toy developer, or simply wished you could equip your favorite action figure with a fantastical accessory of your own design, it’s your time to shine.

How much does it cost to make your own toy?

For plush toys this is most often about $400 for an average size design up to about 12 inches, and a bit more for larger plush. Prototypes for plastic, vinyl, or resin figures typically cost $500 or more.

How do I get my toy idea made?


  1. Look for the random connection anywhere. One idea can lead you to another.
  2. Keep a notebook. Write down and sketch your ideas.
  3. Make a quick prototype of your idea. Fail early and often.
  4. Keep your beginner’s mind. Any really new idea seems silly at first.
  5. Don’t give up. Be persistent!

How much does it cost to make a custom doll?

It’s not unusual for people to pay thousands of dollars for a single doll, depending on the brand and style. However, most people are willing to pay up to $100 – $150 for a quality custom doll.

How do I start a toy brand?

5 Tips to Starting a Profitable Toy Business

  1. Secure a Toy Business Loan. It’ll be very challenging for you to start and operate a profitable toy business if you don’t have enough financial resources.
  2. Research Your Market.
  3. Innovate, Innovate, Innovate.
  4. Make it Fun!
  5. Find Your Niche.
  6. Toy Business Loans for Your Startup Company.

How much does it cost to make a vinyl toy?

3-inch tall vinyl mini figures can range from $6 to $10 each for an order of 5,000 toys. One-time costs for design work, prototyping, and tooling are additional and normally range between $12,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on the vinyl toys’ complexity and reference artwork/assets available.

How long does it take to make a toy?

Sculpting the toy can take anywhere from one week to three weeks or more depending on iterative revisions, client response time, engineering challenges, or even license holder approval (if it’s a toy based on a licensed character/property). Once the sculpt is finished and approved, it’s time to print the prototype.

How do you start a toy line?

What is the best toy brand?

In 2020, Lego was the top ranked toy brand in the world with a brand value of approximately 6.5 billion U.S. dollars. The global toy market is significant, having reached 89 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue in 2019. As such, the opportunities for toy manufactures are large if they can overcome stiff competition.

How do I submit a toy idea?

Patent your toy idea through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. You can file your application online via the Patent Office’s website. This is an essential step to protecting the copyright of your toy idea.

Can you create your own doll?

But now American Girl is offering the chance to create customized dolls, allowing children to choose their doll’s hair color, facial features, outfits and so much more. The “Create Your Own Doll” retails for $200, but these toys are never cheap. You’re basically investing in a companion for your little one.

Can I make a doll that looks like me?

The well-known company American Girl sells look-alike dolls called Truly Me dolls. You can choose from dozens of varieties of skin, eye, and hair colors and male or female dolls. Additionally, American Girl sells clothing and accessories in doll and child sizes, so that the girl and doll can be dressed alike.

Are there any toy manufacturers that make custom toys?

Each soft toy or figurine is 100% custom-crafted based on your design and specifications. We strive for excellence on every project, whether you are ordering 500 toys or 500,000. Get your FREE QUOTE today!

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Who are the toy manufacturers for Happy Worker?

Happy Worker is the toy manufacturer for brands that really care about their fans, collectors, and great design. We have been manufacturing custom toys for ten years, and we absolutely love what we do! Below we’ll talk about the most popular types of toys and collectibles we make.

Who are the only toy makers that actually have Old World skills?

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